12 Years A Din Tai Fung

by Dominic Teo
October 3, 2015 by Dominic Teo

12 Years A Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is celebrating its 12th year of operations in Singapore and in lieu of that, they’ll be rolling out 12 new dishes at its Paragon flagship restaurant! Din Tai Fung, which serves one of the best and most consistent 小笼包 is well regarded even in the international food circuit, ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 restaurants in the WORLD!

As befitting of its reputation, Din Tai Fung left little to chance in the lead up to the launch of its 12 new dishes. Only after an exhaustive year long of research & development as well as fine-tuning before the final 12 dishes were selected and perfected. Ranging from delectable appetisers and buns, to mouth-watering steamed dumplings and desserts, Din Tai Fung’s 12 new dishes are designed in line with the culinary ethos of Din Tai Fung’s cuisine, where simplicity is key, and dishes are all about harmony and balance.

Here are some of the highlights and our favourite picks among the 12 dishes!

Steamed Preserved Vegetables with Char Siew Buns 梅菜叉烧包 $5.80 (3 pcs) $2 (1 pc)

In a nod to our Chinese culinary heritage, Din Tai Fung chefs have created their own rendition of a dish with a rich history. Preserved vegetables originate from Han tribe members, of the Huizhou province in southeasthern China and remain a staple to this day.

These preserved vegetables, with a distinctive piquant taste, are well-balanced with a blend of luscious premium pork belly and pork loin. To create the filling, pork belly is braised for a minimum of 11⁄2 hours in a rich braising liquid, enhanced with a hint of sweetness by way of malt sugar. The meltingly tender braised pork is then combined with the leaner pork loin to create a filling that is juicy but not oily. The taste is further enhanced with the addition of rice wine and sweet rice vinegar. Flour that is specially imported from Taiwan, makes for a soft bun that complements the deep flavours within.

Steamed Preserved Vegetables with Char Siew Buns

Deep-fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms (Vegetarian) 酥炸素豆腐 (素) $8.60

Deep-fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms is a delectable play on textures.
Bite into a light, crisp coating to reveal a delicate tofu with a hint of crunch, courtesy of fresh water chestnuts, mushrooms, sweet carrots, and black fungus.

The golden brown crust is achieved by deep-frying the tofu at optimum oil temperature; the moist tofu is specially designed by chefs to ensure it retains its soft texture even after deep-frying.
Served with a sweet chilli sauce, concocted especially for pairing with this dish, the result is a fragrant, delightful snack that will prove popular across all ages.

Deep-fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms

Steamed Assorted Mushroom Dumplings Infused with Truffle Oil (Vegetarian) 菌菇小笼包 (素) $16.80 (10 pcs) $11.30 (6 pcs)

Four varieties of mushrooms are lightly stir-fried and the amalgamation of flavours lend a ‘umami’ taste to this vegetarian dumpling. The mushrooms are then tossed in the finest Italian-imported truffle oil, creating a dish that is rich and wholly satisfying.

The aromatic filling is wrapped in translucent dumpling skin, then finished with Din Tai Fung’s signature 18-folds. This dish of robust flavours is best savoured without any additional condiments.

Steamed Assorted Mushroom Dumplings Infused with Truffle Oil

Steamed Custard Buns 流沙包 $5.80 (3 pcs) $2 (1 pc)

Deep-fried to golden perfection, a bite into the crispy spring roll reveals a warm and aromatic filling. Smooth and fragrant yam paste is combined with soft yam strips to create a slightly textured mixture.

These handmade buns are filled with fragrant and delicious golden-yellow flowy lava custard that oozes out with every bite. The salted egg yolk adds a savoury depth, resulting in a perfectly balanced sweet- savoury custard. Each Steamed Custard Bun is finished with a golden ‘福’ character (representing prosperity in Mandarin) stamped on the bun to signify well wishes for the diner.

Steamed Custard Buns


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