5 Days You Have To Be At Zouk (July Edition)

by Dominic Teo
June 29, 2015 by Dominic Teo

5 Days You Have To Be At Zouk (July Edition)

While I’m sure many of you have heard the news that Zouk will be relocating to another location in Clarke Quay which ranks as one of the saddest news, second only to the possibility of Zouk closing. Thankfully though, they won’t be moving for another year which means more than 12 months of insane partying at Jiak Kim Street! Without further ado, let us move on to 5 days (well, nights) you absolutely have to be at Zouk Singapore!

1. 01 July (Wed) TGIW: Camo On Presents Ghetto with Andrew Tang

July 1st will be SAF day, celebrating the efforts of our NSFs and regulars. Every guy knows what it’s like to be in a jungle, it’s pouring, you’re carrying an insanely heavy fieldpack, your face is coloured green & black with no end in sight. Well, while your ORD date might not be in sight yet, here’s a little something to keep you going. To commemorate SAF day, complimentary entry & drink will be given to the first 50 to present their 11B to Zouk. Yes, that means all you lady regulars are entitled for this as well!

2. 11 July (Sat) CODE: District 17 Presents Hong with Jeremy Boon

With a name inspired by the cult favourite film, District 17, there is much to live up to. CODE is back and just in time to celebrate Singapore turning 50 this year as it celebrates all things local. To be honest, I’m fascinated in how Hong & Jeremy Boon will bring us on a journey to explore the varied regions of Singapore while simultaneously on another journey of big room tracks & rocket-filled party anthems. The concept is interesting and while certainly not new, is definitely something I did not expect to see at Zouk Singapore so count me in to see how this all turns out.

3. 11 July (Sat) Velvet Underground – Dance x Moonbeats Asia Presents The Deep End with Tokimonsta & Zushan


Something that I really love about Zouk Singapore is that the presence of multiple rooms, which mean that on the same night, there will definitely be something for everybody. Tokimonsta (real name Jennifer Lee) has made a name for herself with a unique take on electronic, hip hop & dance music. Her classical upbringing & subsequent eclectic taste in music has allowed her to create vast textural soundscapes. Her genius has been steadily getting the recognition it deserves, with LA Weekly ranking her as LA’s best female DJ (celebrating her versatility as a producer)

Take a listen to some of her music and be ready to get drawn in!

4. 24 July (Fri) Zouk x Grey Goose Present Zouk Soundsystem with TJR & Hong


TJR has enjoyed enormous success with a treasure trove of original mixes & remixes. For example, his 3 Beatport overall #1’s such as “Funky Vodka,” “What’s Up Suckaz” & “Bounce Generation,” his worldwide hit “Ode To Oi” and his collaboration with Pitbull “Don’t Stop The Party.” Just take a listen to some of his tracks and let the music speak for itself!

5. 31 July (Fri) Recess Presents Wiwek

Wiwek is a rising talent who’s latest collaboration with the incredible Hardwell – Chameleon! Check out the little preview of the upcoming track below! Like a chameleon, he is well known for utilizing tropical rhythms that has led to his tracks being weaved into sets of major DJs including Tiesto & Afrojack among others.


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