5 days you have to be at Zouk (June Edition)

by Dominic Teo
June 3, 2015 by Dominic Teo

5 days you have to be at Zouk (June Edition)

May is over and June is finally upon us which also means that we are halfway through the year! Hopefully 2015 has been going well for you guys which means it’s time to celebrate and if it hasn’t, then it means its time to forget – both of which can be done at Zouk! There are simply too many Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays to be at Zouk (unless of course you’re a baller) but if not, here are 5 days that you absolutely have to be at Zouk!

1. 05 June (Friday)

This coming Friday is actually the best day to be at Zouk for the entire month of June as it will be the Singapore debut of The Chainsmokers! Their hit single #Selfie showed not only their indisputable talent but also their sense of humour at just how ridiculous our society has become.

Their incredible sense of humour as well as wild antics are always on display during their live shows thus making it an absolute can’t miss. What’s fantastic is that they also have the substance to back everything up, with a foundation in indie and pop music, their DJ set is often quite different from what we’ve come to expect from the usual EDM DJs. Yet, their remixes are often well received having been featured in the podcasts of greats such as Nicky Romero, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Tiesto among many others! One of my favourite indie songs – NONONO remixed by The Chainsmokers is absolutely phenomenal – take a listen!



2. 13 June (Saturday)

Come 13 June will be the launch of something new and very interesting, Dance x Lush 99.5FM present Kaleidoscope with DJ Reiki & .GIF. It is a monthly event showcasing both local and international acts. Just as a Kaleidoscope is beautiful because of the incredible spectrum of colours interacting and creating something truly beautiful, that’s the intention of Dance. This edition presents DJ Reiki who has a quaterly mixshow residency on Lush 99.5FM radio which also happens to be the home of our local hidden treasures and talents. .gif needs no introduction, an indie-electronic duo, a shining beacon of local music talent (that is not indie acoustic), they have performed at major festivals including last year’s St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. I can’t wait to see these indie acts bring their music to Zouk and see what magic they produce because where better to be inspired than soaking the atmosphere at Zouk Singapore!

3. 14 June (Sunday)

For those of you who feel it’s a little odd to be at Zouk on a Sunday especially since Monday is not a public holiday will be even more puzzled when I tell you to be there from 2pm – 7pm. Zouk Singapore will be transformed to The Zouk Summer Flea & Easy, which has easily earned a reputation as one of the best flea markets in Singapore. Something else will also be happening at Phuture – the ever popular ZouKiDisco, a day time dance party specially for the young ones who sadly have years to go before they can ever find themselves in Zouk at night. Only kids from 1-10 and their friends & families are allowed entry to ZouKiDisco, well look who’s on the guestlist now!

4. 19 June (Friday)

On 19 June, Zouk will play host to tyDi who at 17 was signed by Armin Van Buuren’s label and was the youngest winner of Australia’s No 1 DJ in 2008 & 2009. Since then, he has ventured into more commercial fare, evident with his collaboration with Dia Frampton (of The Voice) and the result was unexpectedly good.

While he started of as a Trance DJ, he has since departed from the Trance genre and instead has explored the infinite possibilities of EDM. To be honest he has been somewhat of a mystery ever since the release of his 2nd album in 2011 to amazing critical and commercial acclaim and I for one am excited to see what he has been up to all these years and what he has to offer!


5. 26 June (Friday)

BE:FORMATIVE – the one night where it’s demanded that you just BE. Fresh off conquering Ultra Korea, Green Valley Brazil & Space Ibiza, FORMATIVE will show what it’s really like to have an unforgettable night. While the description is a little vague for sure, the guarantee remains the same – an unforgettable night where all your regrets and worries slip into nothingness (for at least one night), come down and see for yourself!



All Images Courtesy of Zouk Singapore!


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