5 Days You Have To Be At Zouk (October Edition)

by Dominic Teo
September 20, 2015 by Dominic Teo

5 Days You Have To Be At Zouk (October Edition)

For those who are unaware, ZoukOut 2015 will be happening in December and after the disappointment of Future Musical Festival Asia (FMFA), I absolutely can’t wait for ZoukOut! But in the meantime, to keep the party spirit going on, here is October’s edition of 5 Days You Have To Be At Zouk.

1. Zouk Soundsystem Presents Otto Knows with Lincey (Fri 09 Oct)

Otto Knows is one of the best young talent to come out of Sweden in a long time and he did so under the tutelage of the various members of Swedish House Mafia, who everyone knows and loves. While perhaps lacking the big name power of his fellow Swedish peers, he has still achieved huge levels of success. According to Zac Efron in We Are Your Friends, ‘If you’re a DJ, all you need is a laptop, some talent and ONE track.” Otto Know’s one track is Million Voices and boy is it incredible! I can’t wait to party to the beat of Million Voices and to discover what else this talented DJ has in his set.

Zouk Otta Knows

2. Solid Gold 1st Anniversary with Ko Flow feat DJ Rattle, Ollie ‘Des, Rough, Shigga Shay, Mr Boo, Yooh The Vibration & Radical Forze (Sat 10 Oct)

What I like about Zouk is not just the fact that it’s one of the biggest clubs in Asia or that it often brings in big name DJs but also because they love to give local acts a chance to shine on the biggest stage. On Sat, 10 Oct, Solid Gold will be celebrating their 1st anniversary. For those who don’t know, Solid Gold is  a Hip Hop culture collective comprising DJ Ko Flo & Felix of the Radikal Forze Crew. Hip Hop used to be a frequent feature in clubs, with hip hop stars such as Dr. Dre spinning on their vinyl records. Solid Gold’s aim is to bring Hip Hop in its very best dance essence to the forefront of the club scene. They have gathered some of our country’s biggest Hip Hop acts and it’s exciting to see them transform Zouk into a Hip Hop dance party!

Solid Gold

3. Zouk Soundsystem Presents TWOLOUD (Fri 17 Oct)

TWOLOUD are one of the more interesting DJs in the modern EDM scene. For one, the members of TWOLOUD remained anonymous and unknown to the general public. Yet, it speaks of their talent and skill that for the longest time possible, TWOLOUD was rumoured to be the project of Hardwell and Tiesto. Through previous joint projects, the duo has reached hundreds of millions of viewers on YouTube and constantly touring the world, playing to vast crowds with more than 150 shows per year. They definitely a group worth checking out, from screen to Zouk, don’t stop the party!


4. EP!C Presents Neon Future Experience with Steve Aoki & Hong (Thu 22 Oct)

One of the highlights of October, Grammy Award-nominated, gold selling artist & producer, Steve Aoki will be partying up a storm at Zouk on 22 Oct. Steve Aoki is no stranger to headlining huge festivals, from Ultra to TomorrowLand, his ear for music is paired with his ability to drop party rocking beats that leaves no more unsatisfied. What’s more, Steve Aoki is notorious for his ‘Caking’ antics where he literally smashes a cake onto a throng of more than willing clubbers. This Neon Future Experience is bold, brilliant, and most of all, bright. Aoki is one of the craziest and wildest DJs and his live set usually follows his untameable temperament. This is definitely a CAN’T MISS night!

Steve Aoki Zouk Singapore

5. Last Halloween on Jiak Kim Street – The Witch Hunt (Sat 31 Oct)

As you all know, Zouk Singapore will be moving from its Jiak Kim Street (we are crying with you guys) so spend Jiak Kim’s last Halloween at Zouk. She used to have a name but these days, the witch doctor who resides in the swamps of Jiak Kim Street, is just better known as the one with the mane. Once sought for treatment of ailments, something went strangely wrong and she now knows neither kindness nor mercy, turning dark as the Furies! Known to all but seen by few, she hides well, surfacing only when her bloodlust arises. Recently, we’ve even heard piercing cries, for her haunt is being threatened of being destroyed. Unheard for too long, she now speaks, and when she speaks no one forgets. She knows she will be heard, indeed, she will be heard.

Her rampage is about to begin and beware, we’d caution you, the afraid, to back away as we’ve heard the rising rage and if you don’t hide, you too, will incur her wrath. However, curious souls, come 31​ October; seek the witch in her lair before she seeks you! Stay bright­eyed in the hazy darkness, keep your back and watch all corners, or else, you could be telling your tale with your tongue in her hand or from the ceiling as she dangles you, blood dripping, slowly draining your soul…

Confuse the witch and mimic her or simply come in your Halloween best and stand a chance to win a combination of cash prizes, flights to Tokyo or Hong Kong coupled with a unique overseas party experience, a stay at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, an exquisite dining experience at Table for 7 and an exclusive Zouk party experience! That’s not all, the winner of the best #ZoukHalloween social media post will walk away with Shaw Theatre movie p​remiere ​tickets!


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