6 songs EXOLs want to hear at EXO’luxion Singapore

by Editorial Team
January 6, 2016 by Editorial Team

6 songs EXOLs want to hear at EXO’luxion Singapore

Annyeong EXO-Ls! In our earlier post, we did a comprehensive list of trivia about our favourite boys. We hope you enjoyed the piece and are now convinced that these cutie are worth chasing after! (if you hadn’t already before).

However, if you still have doubts about watching their concert, as opposed to stalking them in Korea^^, we can think of a few reasons why you should absolutely catch them live: 6 mega hits that they will be performing in their set! Join us as we count down these hit songs in order of our favs!

The title track of their winter special album, this ballad tells the story of a man who has a talent for composing and has composed this song for his special lady. This song is definitely a special one as it showcases the members’ singing abilities, with every member having a singing part. 

CALL ME BABY: the first comeback song of the year after Overdose. The song surpassed 500,000 within the first 24 hours, setting a new record for pre-sales. The song proved to be successful, winning a total of 18 awards on music shows. With a strong performance aspect, the song definitely showcases the group’s dancing and singing abilities. Check out the video of them killing it at KBS Music Bank *cries*


UNFAIR: With their winter special album having a double title, this is the other title song in the album. Unfair is a total contrast to Sing for You, with its  upbeat tempo. The song portrays a man’s feelings of wanting to change a relationship from friends to lovers. The dance that follows it isn’t as strenuous as compared to the other dances and it just sees the boys having fun and being adorable. It definitely brings out a different side of the boys.

(I have always thought the boys were cute, but reindeer ears. STAHP!!)


PROMISE: Unveiled for the first time during the Seoul stop of their EXO’Luxion Concert on the 7th of March, 2015, this song left both the boys themselves and their fans in tears. Composed by Lay, lyrics by Chen and rap lyrics by Chanyeol, this song was definitely a precious song for both fans and the boys. Originally titled “Exo 2014”, the boys were able to convey their feelings and their words to their fans, unveiling their raw emotions that they had been trying to hide during the tough year.

(OMG KAI don’t cry! *sobs sobs*)


BABY DON’T CRY: Inspired by the little mermaid, the song gives an alternate ending to the story. As a ballad that is accompanied by Chanyeol’s rap, the vocals of the boys definitely shine through, but this doesn’t mean that the other boys are left out. In fact, fans can definitely look forward to Kai and Sehun’s solo dance performances to Baby Don’t Cry during the concert, as they’ll be dancing in water (as seen below)


(The acoustic version is also lovely!)


LOVE ME RIGHT: Just under 3 months after the release of EXODUS, Love Me Right was released, with 4 new songs in the album. As the title song of the album, Love Me Right is a catchy and upbeat song that has a dance that the boys seem to enjoy a lot. This song is by far the song the boys seem to have the most fun performing on stage. The song was an instant hit, winning the boys a total of 11 awards for the album. The Japanese version of this song was also released recently in November, as the group made their Japanese debut.

(Here is a bts look into very hot dance rehearsal for the song!)


(EXOLs in Korea took this during the concert! Wow imagine if you were this close too!)

So go or no go?  With this kind of music and even better live performances, we say put down everything you are doing and get your tickets now! Remember tickets are selling fast and you only have a few days to get ready for 2 nights of stellar performance at ‘EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion – in SINGAPORE’ this 09 & 10 Jan! Mom geon-ganghae EXOLs!


-WhatsNextSG EXOLs


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