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What Makes a 5 Start Hotel So Different From the Rest?

When you’re looking for a good place to stay or even host your event at, you may want to consider looking at a 5 star hotel in your area. In the world of music and movie industry, a majority of press junkets and even mingling or self-promotional events are held at five star hotels. So what makes them so different from the rest of the hotels? Let’s take a closer look!

A 5 Star Hotel…

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Has multiple roomed suites

A lot of smaller hotels usually have a single bedroom suite or a studio unit. A five star hotel will normally have suites which have several rooms; they’ll be around two to three rooms. In the more expensive spectrum of room choices, a 5 star hotel will normally have penthouse units where their guests have an entire floor to themselves.

Is a great place to hold events

Not only will they have sufficient space for your event but they’ll even have special packages to help your event planning. Normally, they will have a list of accredited suppliers which they can vouch for. A five star hotel simply reeks of excellence no matter what they do.

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Is super pricey

The luxury that you get to experience at a five star hotel is no joke. In order to attain that rating, they need to make sure that everything that they have is the latest in technology. The bedding and everything is of the highest quality. So it would only make sense that the price that you are expected to pay is a bit higher than normal.

Has great security

If you’re planning on hosting an event at a five star hotel, you can be rest assured that you security and the security of your guests are well taken cared of. This is actually why it would be pretty ideal to host your events at a high caliber hotel.

When you’re thinking of choosing a venue for your event, be sure that you coordinate with the hotel staff. That way, they can help you with any logistics and fully brief you on any inclusions or exclusions in the package that you’ve chosen.

In Retrospect

A 5 star hotel is pretty much synonymous with luxury and good service. When you’re trying to find a good spot to host your event or you’re just looking for a great place to stay, this sort of hotel should be a good choice. Of course, you will be expected to pay a pretty penny for the chance to stay at a hotel of this caliber.

Have you managed to stay at a 5 star hotel before? What made it so different from the rest of the other hotels that you’ve experienced?