A Romantic December at RWS

by Dominic Teo
December 5, 2015 by Dominic Teo

A Romantic December at RWS

December is a special month. Besides February (Valentine’s Day), December is arguable the most romantic month in the calendar. Boasting Christmas celebrations and the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations, it’s hard to beat December especially if it’s a white Christmas. While you’ll be hard-pressed to find snow this Christmas here in Singapore, here are a few suggestions on how you can have a romantic December with your special someone. On top of it all, all of this can be done at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) so you can enjoy a whole range of activities without having to move much!

Without further ado, let your romantic December begin! Cinderella, A Fairly True Story will be staged at RWS from December 10 – January 4. Every girl has their own fairytale dreams and I’m confident most of them revolve around Cinderella in some way or another. Why not be her Prince Charming and take her to see Cinderella! Presented by both Music Hall from Belgium and RWS, it comes after a hugely successful run of Peter Pan. The story of Cinderella has found its way through a variety of mediums this year including film and television but this is the production that I’m most excited about. After all, what’s a better way for a girl to feel like a Princess than to have the entire fairytale coupled with a mix of uplifting music & popular hits, dazzling magic and breath-taking choreography right in front of her eyes! Interestingly, this isn’t the usual Cinderella story but rather promises to present the ‘real’ story. Geert Allaert, its producer and artistic director has this to say, “A highly talented team of creatives now presents the real story. Cinderella’s tale is sometimes funny, sometimes tough, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes confusing, but always fairly true.”


What else are you waiting for?! Shows are 7pm on Thursdays and 2 & 7pm from Fridays through Mondays! Tickets are priced at $78, $108, $138 & $168 and can be purchased here!

RWS is also home to some of Asia’s best theme parks and are without a doubt definitely worth a visit. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is an unexpectedly romantic place. Home to rides such as Battlestar Galatica, USS is sure to provide you with some unforgettable thrills. What’s more, if you girlfriend is afraid of roller coasters, it’s time to man up and show her what a reliable guy you are. Better yet, USS is also gearing up for the Christmas festivities so you can enjoy the festive cheer with some of your favourite characters in Santa’s All-Star Christmas. For those (such as myself) who are afraid of heights, there’s always Adventure Cove, a water theme park that you should definitely not confuse with Wild Wild Wet. This is the perfect opportunity to show off the body that you’ve been diligently working for and enjoy a whole day of fun rides, eating delicious snacks and just enjoying a day out and about.

Character Meet & Greet- Minions from DESPICABLE ME 3

Earn some cute points with The Minions meet & greet!

New York - Street (Night)

Is there any place more romantic than New York?

Sci-Fi City - BSG Launch 2



The Lost World - Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure


Sci-Fi City - BSG Wide Shot 3

Time to show her who’s the man!

Okay, so now you’re done with a pretty tiring day, what do you do? Time to enjoy a spa of course! Book a luxurious spa treatment at ESPA and pamper your girl and yourself, we’re allowed to splurge on ourselves once in a while! Here are 3 suggestions on what you can’t miss out at ESPA. First up, bring your loved ones for a dip into the Forest Onsen style pools, why travel all the way to Japan when you can enjoy it here.

ESPA Onsen-style Pool

Experience a Hammam ritual which is the first of its kind in Singapore and is a traditional cleansing ritual to revitalize both the mind and the body. It is a traditional Arabian body treatment and involves steam & cleansing black soap. Just lie back, relax and enjoy whatever they throw at you (literally, when the therapist starts splashing water on you for blood circulation!)

ESPA Hammam - Water Treatment

Next up is my personal favourite, a soothing massage. Depending on the sort of work you do and your body, the incredibly professional staff at ESPA will recommend you the perfect massage you know you need.

ESPA - Beach Villas Spa Suites

This will definitely be a treat for both you and your loved one and what I feel to be the hidden gem of RWS. This is perfect for both you and her. 2015 has been a long year for both of you so pay a visit to ESPA to wind down and prepare for another great year, 2016!

ESPA at RWS - Feel Great Again

Now you’re all well rested and pampered but you’re a little hungry so how about a romantic dinner? When you think of romantic dinners, you’re probably thinking of candlelit dinners in a fancy restaurant near the top of a really tall building. Squash those passe stereotypes and instead try the Ocean Restaurant by Cat CoraOcean Restaurant is run by celebrity chef, Cat Cora (who also happens to be the first Iron Chef in Singapore) and has a pretty simple concept. It’s a restaurant located in the S.E.A Aquarium so diners can enjoy a magnificent view of 100,000s of different marine life. Sounds like a pretty simple concept but where else in the world can you enjoy a breath-taking view paired with to-die-for food? Here are some of our recommendations. Cat Cora’s signature dishes, Smoked Eel – On Sunchoke Jelly & Shaved Duck Liver Terrine and 42°C Sous Vide Salmon – Salmon Mousse, Citrus Minestrone, Ikura & Shaved Fennel Salad. You can’t go wrong with these few so enjoy the dinner of your lives!

Ocean Restaurant

Sous Vide 48degree C King Salmon

The Sous Vide King Salmon!

The day is almost over but you don’t exactly feel like returning to reality or parting for the night. The only reasonable choice left to you is to end the day with an amazing staycation! The choices are plenty over at Sentosa, but our choice is clear, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore! This is your opportunity to live like a true Rock Star and the best part is that it’s only a few minutes walk from all of the other activities suggested above. For Rock N Roll fans, you’ll be glad to know that there are around 120 different pieces of memorabilia, from Eminem’s street-wear to Diana Ross’ mini dress and even an overall that was worn by Elvis Presley himself! Book yourself a room now here!

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore - Pool

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore - Deluxe King Room

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore - Beach Pool (Dusk)


All Images Courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)


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