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Life in Singapore is great, but things can move a little too fast. Even with the speed of the internet, we’re not too sure you want to spend your precious time scouring through pages of information to find new things to do. That’s exactly where we come in.

WhatsNext.sg is the new community-based guide for you to catch the latest buzz and things to do in Singapore. If you’re seeking advice on which beauty parlor you should be visiting next, which gaming center is most popular with its visitors, or just checking out on the latest events in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place.

Read reviews from other users to help you make informed decisions concerning activity and service providers in Singapore, and check out which places have the highest ratings! Found a place you like? Sharing it with your friends is as easy as clicking the ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons on the shop’s page.

Of course, do feel free to leave reviews and ratings to help others in Singapore make the right choices too! With WhatsNext.sg, Singapore is at your fingertips.

The Team

Dominic Teo


Films. Books. Music. Who better to keep you company than Hemingway & Murakami and a little Ella Fitzgerald? The answer, Karlie Kloss & Liu Wen. I salute you Leo.

Tong Wei


Tong Wei resides in the sleepy estate of Ghim Moh. That however, has not cured his pathological insomnia for adrenaline-fuelled activities. He believes that life is a goblet best ingested in large draughts rather than short sips. He contemplates a major in self-deprecation, but is unfortunately not very good at it.

Audrey Kwok


Audrey is a communications-turned-law student often spotted with either food or her Canon 6D in hand. A chilli padi soul trapped in the body of a tofu, she is perenially torn between rolling in bed and getting Out There to live her life. She swears by Existentialism, art that provokes thought, restless travelling, and trying everything at least once.

Lemuel Low


The one they call numero uno. WhatsNextSG is the brain child of his eclectic taste. From sporting events to the biggest concerts, he wants only the very best on the site. Spends his free time chasing people for deadlines and nit-picking writers' works. But according to him he's not being bossy, he's just being the boss.

Dominique Yong


Dominique likes it when the right words are in the right places. Her greatest & most embarrassing life skill is a knack for grocery shopping- she downloaded an app to allow her to compare grocery items from different grocers. #bestdecisionever

Seewah Ho


I enjoy daydreaming but when I'm not I like to indulge myself in the habits of sleeping and eating. But yes I engage in productive activities as well. When I am not actively pursuing my interests I'll be doing Global Studies at NUS but I kind of enjoy that as well. Life is a rollercoaster of enjoyment.

Daniel Chin


Video gamer. Huge Halo fan. Writer for whatsnext.sg. I love Planetshakers, Hillsong and Bleach, and of course the new Downtown line station right outside my house.

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