Hello/Goodbye Shane Mardjuki

by Dominic Teo September 6, 2015

Theatre has long been the medium for entertainment especially before the advent of film and television. This month, Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT)’s new production, Hello/Goodbye, promises to be the entertaining romantic comedy that has been wholly lacking. Its run on…


A 5 Star Hotel?

by Dominic Teo September 1, 2015

As part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) and it’s theme of ‘Post-Empires,’ W!LD RICE’s new 2 part epic, Hotel was staged at the Victoria Theatre over 4 days. In total, the play in its entirety was staged…


Joel Tan: Volume 1

by Dominic Teo August 14, 2015

Leading a group of playwrights, poets and writers of the next generation, Singaporean playwright Joel Tan will be celebrating his book launch, “Joel Tan: Plays Volume 1″ on August 14. Celebrated as the next “voice of the generation,” we had a…

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