High Steaks – Dry-Aged Beef: The Butchers Club Masterclass (Review)

Continued is part 2 of our review of the HSBC Women’s Champion 2016, which will cover the food and entertainment aspects of the tournament. Part 1 can be found here Lifestyle In the event organizers effort to incorporate a lifestyle…The windy, serene and scenic Sentosa Golf Club once again played host to the prestigious HSBC Women’s Champions. The yearly affair, since 2008, saw 63 of the world’s best female golfers descend on the green overlooking the famous Sentosa Cove.…As part of the lead-up to the HSBC Women’s Champion 2016, we will be doing a special 3-part interview series with individuals coming down to Singapore for the tournament. The first of the 3 in the series is the golf’s…The past week, the English Premiere League went on their dreaded international break, leaving fans worldwide with a potential weekend of football withdrawal. However, that didn’t prevent Singaporean fans from catching a weekend match between Liverpool and Manchester United(seniors edition).…If you haven’t been keeping up with rugby action these past couple of weeks, you probably have been living under a rock. The recently concluded rugby world cup saw the All Blacks crowned champions at the conclusion of the month…Liverpool and Manchester United Legends, Robbie Fowler & Lee Sharpe were here in Singapore last week and you’re probably wondering why! These LEGENDS, any Man Utd and Liverpool fan will squeal at just their name were in town to promote…OCBC Cycle 2015 happened to great fanfare especially after the debacle of OCBC Cycle 2014. Having been a part of OCBC Cycle 2014 and experiencing the same problems that everyone raised, including overcrowding, the mix of experienced riders with very…Cycling as both a sport and a hobby has exploded in recent years and the culmination of that is the upcoming OCBC Cycle 2015 at the Singapore Sports Hub! The event will finally be happening this weekend but before that,…The OSIM Sundown Marathon this year drew up to 26,000 runners across 4 different catergories, (10km, 21km, 42km and a newly introduced 5km fun-run). The premier night running event in Singapore, one of the member of the team, Wei Liang,…For years, local wrestling fans have been waiting for this day and it finally happened. On the 2nd Jul, slightly less than a week ago, WWE made its only pit-stop in South East Asia here in Singapore after an eight…

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