DAY6 makes it ‘The Day’ for their fans & GOT7 confesses their love for their fans

by Dominic Teo
December 22, 2015 by Dominic Teo

DAY6 makes it ‘The Day’ for their fans & GOT7 confesses their love for their fans

JYP has always been a mainstay in the KPOP industry and they’ve recently cemented their status as one of the ‘Big 3’ companies with 2 boybands debuting, DAY6 and GOT7. Fans were in for a treat as both were in town! What a start to December and Christmas festivities, we must all have been good this year to deserve such a treat.

DAY6, JYP’s newly debuted boy band, recently gave their Singaporean fans a real treat when they arrived in Singapore for their Fan Meeting in Singapore which was held at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.


The band started the show with a bang with the hits from their debut album,  ‘Out of My Mind’ and ‘Habits’. After a short introduction on stage, DAY6 commented that it was their first time seeing their Singaporean fans and that they had never expected such a turnout. They thanked their fans and started picking fans to play games with. They took the stage again with their track ‘You’, then impressed fans with their covers of hits such as ‘Stop and Stare’ by One Republic and ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls. DAY6 showed that they’re not just a boyband with looks but are definitely a rookie act to look out for with their abundance of talent.


One huge highlight for lucky fans was surely the games segment, where 2 groups of 6 fans each got up close and personal with the band. During the ‘Identity’ game, the fans were blindfolded and had to guess which member was standing behind them when the boys whispered into their ears. The boys showed off their quirky personalities, with some changing the pitch of their voices to disguise themselves drawing laughs from the crowd.

The boys were then pleasantly surprised with a special video of their journey thus far compiled by their fans. Another part of the surprise event was an early birthday celebration for Young K, where he expressed his gratitude to their fans, saying ‘you guys are amazing.’


The boys then performed their debut track, ‘Congratulations’, then took the opportunity to show their gratitude to their fans, with Young K mentioning that his parents flew all the way to Singapore to see the band, and Junhyeok exclaiming that he loved their fans ‘as much as his mother’. Their fan service game was on point that night and though they didn’t particularly have many original songs to showcase, their covers showed a distinct musical direction that left us excited for what’s to come!

The day immediately after DAY6 was JYP’s other boy group that debuted last year, GOT7. GOT7 was undeniably more popular (given the obvious fact that they’ve been around slightly longer) and are a more conventional KPOP group, in the style of their JYP seniors, 2pm.

The group started their show with the title track of their full length studio album, ‘Stop Stop It’, which was then followed by their debut single, ‘Girls Girls Girls”. As the members stepped back onstage after taking a short break, Jackson displayed his wit and humour, commenting that the MC, Dee Kosh, was Singapore’s version of Big Bang’s Taeyang, which caused the fans to burst out in laughter while Dee Kosh laughed it off, saying that he was more like Taeoh (a child in a popular Korean reality show, famous for eating).

Besides performing their songs, it was a great opportunity for fans to get closer to their idol oppas and learn more about them thanks to the Q&A session with the MCs. Following the members’ short self-introduction, the MCs asked them what they liked about Singapore, to which Bam Bam replied that he really liked the Singapore chili crab and the Singaporean fans who are pretty and sexy. Jackson immediately added that it was not just the girls in Singapore who were pretty but the guys were handsome too as he noticed a couple of male fans in the audience.


The highlight of the event was definitely the fan interactions which kicked off with the first game, telephone charades, a game that many of us are familiar with. 7 lucky fans whose tickets were chopped were chosen and called onto stage. The boys were split into two teams, with Mark, Jr and Bam Bam in the first and Jackson, JB, Yugyeom and Youngjae in the second. The fans both onstage and offstage definitely enjoyed their time interacting with the members and laughing at them passing on the message through motions. The boys definitely showed their competitiveness as they tried to appeal to the fans who were deciding who the winner would be, with Bam Bam and Jackson showing squealing fangirls with some fanservice by taking off their shirts. The game eventually ended with JB’s team winning which gave the fans in their team an opportunity to take a selfie with got7 that was personally taken by Bam Bam.GOT7 was really fantastic in hyping up the atmosphere and their stage presence & charisma was really undeniable.

The second game, musical chairs, then began after the music video of ‘If you do’ was played as the boys came back onstage. As the other 7 lucky fans whose tickets were chopped were called onto stage to join the boys, some of these 7 lucky fans weren’t present at the event (missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m sure they’ll be swarmed with regret!) which led to the boys choosing seat numbers and rows by themselves.


As the game of Musical Chairs finally began after a long wait, Mark, Yugyeom, Jackson and JB were out in the first round, just less than 20 seconds after the game began, while Bam Bam commented that this was the first time that he had won (the first round, that is). As the music stopped for the third round, Youngjae and Bam Bam lost, with Youngjae accidentally hitting a fan which led to him being dragged out of the circle while being booed by the members. He then apologized to Singapore while the members signaled for the fans to boo at him.

Besides the games, the main show that fans were eagerly anticipating was definitely catching GOT7 perform live and they didn’t disappoint. They resumed the fanmeeting with their title song from their recently released Christmas album, ‘Confession Song’ while fans sung along loudly and cheered especially loud during the ending of Mark’s part as he rapped ‘eodae’ in a high pitched voice, melting the hearts of the fans. As the song slowly came to a close, the members repeatedly confessed that they loved Singapore while wishing the fans a Merry Christmas.

When asked who was the best dancer, Mark came upfront, shrugging off his jacket while chuckling and apologizing as he went back into position. The fans then shouted that the best dancer was Yugyeom whilst the members begged to differ, answering that it was Youngjae. The battle between the two commenced with a staring contest, with the boys desperately trying to distract their precious maknae, Yugyeom, which eventually succeeded with Yugyeom admitting defeat very shortly. With Jackson’s beatbox as the backing trap, Yugyeom started the battle, showing off his popping skills. However, Youngjae was not to be outdone. Youngjae killed it with dancemoves like the Dougie and the Hit the Quan which Jr and Bam Bam joined him in doing. Everyone immediately declared Youngjae as the winner.


Much like the previous DAY6 fanmeeting, the GOT7 boys were in for a real surprise as a special surprise video prepared by fans  started playing on the screen. The boys cringed at their past photos while saying that they wouldn’t and couldn’t cry. Thanking their fans while turning around to face them the boys were shocked as the fans prepared their fan project for them, holding up banners which read “Stay with us until the end” in Korean, a sentiment shared by all in the crowd.

Special thanks to Three Angles Production for bringing these extremely talented boys to Singapore and for extending invites to WhatsNext SG to cover this event.

Pictures Taken By: Vanessa Low


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