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Bring Me The Horizon


Bring Me The Horizon

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SCAPE* Playscape

Thursday, 28 January 2016


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One of the world’s most exciting Metal talents will be coming to Singapore next year. Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon are set to perform in Singapore on Thursday, 28 January, 2016, 8pm at SCAPE* Playspace!

Bring Me The Horizon have had a whirlwind two years, which has seen them play sell out shows around the world including Wembley Arena, score a Top 3 album, dominate Radio 1’s playlist with 260 plays of ‘Drown’ alone, and sell over 2 million albums worldwide to date. Undeniably one of the modern world’s most popular metal acts, they have successfully transcended the world of metal. Their sound has become decidedly less metalcore, the sound that characterised their earlier albums but is now a combination of different sounds that you never expected to go well together. In 2012, just 4 years after the release of Suicide Season, they were inducted into the Rocksound’s Hall of Fame, a testament to their creative sound and a huge middle finger to critics who said they were style over substance.

Bring Me The Horizon released their new studio album, ‘That’s The Spirit’ in September 2015. The band revealed the first track from the album as Dan Carter’s Rockest Record recently. The setup track ‘Happy Song’ instantly clocked up three simultaneous trends on Twitter, top trends on Facebook and entered the iTunes rock chart at number 1 in the UK, US, Australia and whole host of other countries, creating a huge frenzy of excitement and anticipation worldwide. The band’s frontman Oliver Sykes is not only the poster boy for the band as well as its lead vocalist and creative force but also a magnet for controversy.

‘That’s The Spirit’ is an eleven track‐exhilarating ride of an album, bursting with huge riffs, soaring vocals and stadium filling monster tracks. It was recorded in Santorini Greece, at Black Rock Studios, mixed in London, mastered in New York and produced by the band’s own Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish. What a journey it has been since 2013 which saw the release of the globally successful Sempiternal which sold over half a million copies worldwide to date (a huge feat in this age of piracy and streaming) and established that a metal band can achieve the twin pillars of comercial and critical success. 2014 ended with a sold out show at Wembley Arena (Wembley Arena!!!!). Every year since 2013 has been a great year for them and 2016 promises to be a great start for them with the Singapore show.


Early Bird tickets are now priced at $98 here! Get your early bird tickets now before this Saturday, 21st November where standard priced tickets will be going at $108 at Sistic.


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