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First Take


First Take

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The Substation
45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936

Monday, 03 August 2015


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One of The Substation Moving Images’ most distinctive programs, First Take is a showcase of the newest and most promising short films by upcoming film directors based in Singapore. Filmmakers whose works are selected will have a platform to showcase their works and participate in a Q&A following the screening. This is where you will discover the directors to watch out for.

Here are the films that you can catch!

1. THE 7TH MONTH dir. David Chia Kok Leong / 11:00 / 2015 / PG / Consumer Advice: HORROR 惊悚画面

THE 7TH MONTH takes viewers through an intimate journey on film into the Chinese Hungry Ghost 7th Month Festival and its significance in the lives of the Chinese. Observed yearly through the generations – what is so celebratory about the 7th Month that bridges the gap between the living and the dead?

DAVID CHIA KOK LEONG started making short films in 2013. He is interested in films that explore the struggles of the human condition, with a particular interest in the horror genre. He has previously made 3 short films: PARENTS’ LOVE (2013); ANOREXIA (2014); and THE LAST POST (2014).

2. I NEVER LIE dir. Chang Kai Xiang / 14:00 / 2014 / PG

Is it right or wrong to tell ‘therapeutic lies’ to dementia patients? I Never Lie is a heartwarming drama about a loving husband creating false memories just so that his wife does not have to face their less than perfect life.

Although I Never Lie will mark as his short film directing debut, CHANG KAI XIANG has been making films that embrace the human spirit since year 2009. He believes that people are born and still possess good in nature especially empathy, a heavy influence in his choice on stories and characters.

3. TAKDIR (FATE) dir. Nabawi Mokhtar / 18:00 / 2015 / PG

Nothing is purer than a mother’s love for her child. Muhammad Faiz is a young, ambitious, hardworking son. Unfortunately his past history blinds him into neglecting his biological mother, Maimunah. One day, he rushes home after being unable to reach his mother and witnesses something which starts to build up feelings of guilt and regret.

NABAWI MOKHTAR is a newly inspired filmmaker who loves storytelling with an emphasis on creativity and realism. Drawing a lot from his life experiences, Nabawi seeks to tell stories that are out of the box, and universal across languages. His dream is to be one of the best filmmakers in Singapore, by working with fellow new filmmakers and being inspired to do his best.


4. ONE FOOT NATION aka ZENTAI 92 dir. Yuzuru Maeda / 23:12 / 2015 / PG

An experimental film about the freedom we all had in childhood. The freedom that was in the distance between the consciousness and the reality that surrounds us.

YUZURU MAEDA was born in Ogaki, Japan in 1978. She received a Music BA from the LaSalle Collage of Arts, Singapore in 2009 and currently lives in Singapore.



All Images Courtesy of The Substation


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