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Hebe Tien ‘IF’ World Tour


Hebe Tien ‘IF’ World Tour

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Singapore Indoor Stadium

Saturday, 05 March 2016


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Hebe Tien, who was just here in Singapore as part of S.H.E will be returning to Singapore on 5 March 2016, which is the perfect opportunity for 2 different groups of people. Firstly, people who missed out on S.H.E earlier this year can now enjoy Hebe Tien and secondly people who especially love Hebe among the 3 will now be able to enjoy a full length concert! She will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 5 March 2016, 8pm and tickets start from $98 onwards.

Hebe Tien

It’s been 14 years since S.H.E debuted and Hebe is definitely no longer the shy and reserved young girl that captured our hearts in our youth. Just as Hebe has grown and matured into a confident and charming lady, so too have we grown. She was the first member to embark on a solo career and arguable the most successful.

Her vocals have always been amazing and thankfully she has a long repertoire of songs to bring us through the night, from 魔鬼中的天使, 寂寞寂寞就好, 来不及, 你就不要想起我, 你快乐未必我快乐 to more recently, 小幸运, the theme song to the box office champion Our Times! Just as the film has swept the box office so too has Hebe’s song which has dominated both the airwaves as well as social media, and responsible for wringing more than a few tears from everyone.

Hebe Tien “IF World Tour” is an eye-catching performance with much thought and effort put into every aspect of the show, from the stage set-up to the lighting and down to the costumes. Hebe will even descend like a fairy in the woods, and sing amongst the crowd on a floating island, giving the concert a mystical element. The concert also uses the latest 3D printing technology, allowing four Hebes to appear on stage at the same time! 


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