#FluffyBreaksEven in Singapore (Review)

by Tong Wei
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June 13, 2016 by Tong Wei

#FluffyBreaksEven in Singapore (Review)

Gabriel Iglesias was back in Singapore to tickle the tummies of fans. But not before his motley crew of Martin Moreno and Alfred Roble kicked things off.

Moreno started the night with a string of risqué riffs. He reflected fondly on finally becoming a grandfather, vowing to childproof his house by removing his pipes, bongs and toys. But becoming a grandpa can be a sad thing – it reminds you of your age and depleted stamina. Moreno makes that up with supplements, in particular his secret weapon, Viagra.

He quipped, “I’m in my 40s, I’m good for round 1 but round 2? Officer down.”

But the audience was certainly good for round 2 after Moreno’s excellent foreplay. Robles too flexed his wit, regaling the crowd with stories ranging from the light-hearted (cats) to the morbid (a Mexican burial).

The man of the hour, Gabriel Iglesias, kicked things off with his experiences in Singapore, showcasing his immense vocal range while telling a story on checking in to a hotel. He mimicked an “aggressively accommodating” Indian porter who insisted on helping Iglesias with his luggage and the honeyed voice of a recorded lift attendant. The latter resembled the operating system played by Scarlett Johansson in Spike Jonze’s Her – a nod to Iglesias’ tremendous ability in being able to produce such a dulcet tone.

He also milked plenty of mileage from stereotypes. In one section, he mocked the propriety with which English people spoke. The excessive formality, he continued, would be comical in certain situations like sex. His English accent was a gem; it was a comical contrast to his brash, outgoing manner of speech.

“Lower my drawbridge.”

“I shall part your legs like the Red Sea.”

These were some of his choice lines as he imagined an English couple engaging in intercourse.

But Iglesias was still a big fan of his English neighbours, because if his weight were in kilos, he would never have to diet again.

The affable Iglesias has for very long, struggled with his weight. And some in the crowd were not very helpful. Hecklers descended on Iglesias, screaming words like “donut” which rattled Iglesias a little, who directed his attention towards them at the expense of forgetting some of his jokes. While cue cards may eliminate spontaneity, perhaps having one in his pocket may have helped.

For much of the show, the crowd was in fits. It was a pity that the heckling from some members of the crowd prevented Iglesias from finishing on a good note.


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