INFINITE Effect in Singapore

by Editorial Team
November 16, 2015 by Editorial Team

INFINITE Effect in Singapore

After a year long hiatus, leaving Inspirits worldwide longing for their return, the ever-so charming boys of international sensation KPOP boy group INFINITE made a comeback earlier this July with their title track ‘Bad’, touching the hearts of die-hard fans and impressing many with their smooth vocals and powerful dance moves.

N67A0959Just how long did our Singaporean Inspirits have to wait before being graced once again by the beauty of these 7 gems? More than 2 years have passed since INFINITE first stepped foot into our tiny island, wowing those who attended their first world tour ‘One Great Step in Singapore’, and they continue to do so this year, returning with a special gift for fans – their second world tour ‘Infinite Effect in Singapore’.

Inspirits across the nation all flocked and gathered at the Suntec Convention Hall on the 13th of November, some arriving as early as noon despite the concert doors only opening in the evening.


The atmosphere was beyond spectacular. Inspirits, though enveloped in darkness, were visibly awaiting the reveal of their handsome princes through the mesmerising ocean of pearl metal gold that lit up the place. When the curtains fell, screams reverberated throughout the arena and light sticks were waved frantically as the boys stepped into the familiar choreography of ‘Before The Dawn’. The crowd went wild as the boys showcased their close to perfect synchronisation and the group’s famous ‘scorpion dance’, however many were slightly disappointed upon seeing main dancer, Hoya, resting defeatedly on the side due to an uncalled injury. Despite his absence, the group still managed to perform splendidly and pleased fans.

If there was one word to describe this concert, it would be ‘refreshing’. With a whole new setlist containing various songs as well as tracks from the group’s latest hit album, ‘Reality’, fans indulged in performances by sub-units Infinite F and Infinite H, leader Sunggyu’s recent solo and a widely-anticipated solo from main vocalist, Woohyun. Coupled with all-time favourites such as Back, The Chaser and Paradise, Inspirits were left awestruck and paralysed by strong emotions.


The main highlight of the concert was undoubtedly the filming of INFINITE’s first international concert broadcasted on V app, accompanied by other unforgettable fan services such as the throwing of soft toys and signed paper aeroplanes to the crowd. INFINITE sweethearts were enthusiastic in getting up close with fans and interacting with them, while fans alike excitedly rush forward in hopes of being spotted by the idols.

The sunshine of the group, Dongwoo, promised Inspirits that he would return for Singapore’s famous chilli crab and other mouthwatering food, while aegyo prince Myungsoo teased fans, saying “I’m your darling, L”. Despite his injury, Hoya still remained cheerful and constantly sang ‘Singapura, sunny island’, making the fans burst out in laughter. Whoa! This definitely shows Hoya’s intense love for Singapore and its culture!


Like INFINITE, like Inspirits. Inspirits showed their gratitude and love for the boys by carrying out various fan projects, such as raising banners during specific songs and the ‘heart project’, created by shining red and white lights to form a giant heart, letting INFINITE know that their efforts are greatly appreciated.

At last, before INFINITE bowed goodbye and disappeared into the blast of confetti, leader Sunggyu’s ending speech expressed their humble hearts and longing to revisit, while the stunning Sungyeol reminded Inspirits, “if they(you) ever cheat on them(us), he’ll(I’ll) chase them(you) to the end of the world”, and after seeing all the boys had to offer, I highly doubt any Inspirits would.

Thank you AC Music Entertainment for bringing these 7 ethereal knights in white amour to Singapore once again and for extending invites to WhatsNext SG to cover this event.


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