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Animals and Film: Movies Which Showcases Relationships between Man and Animal

Animals play a pretty big part in our lives. Not only are they good companions but they actually help raise the quality of life that some of us live. Today, we wanted to focus on some films which really showcase the relationships between man and animals. Of course, we’re exactly restricting the list to literal ‘man’ and animals. Ladies are more than welcome, too!

As always, this list is of our own making, based on our own preferences. So if we happen to miss any of your favorite movies about people and animals, you’re completely free to share your insight with us. Without further ado, here are our choices:


Movie-goers in general often expect the animal featured in a film to be either a cat or a dog—it could even be an elephant. In this case, the animal in focus is actually a parrot. What sets this pet apart is that he could physically speak and understand our language. This was due to the fact that parrots are mimics and he was around a little dyslexic girl while she was being taught how to speak.

What follows is a heart-wrenching tale of loss, separation, trust, betrayal, and finding your home.

Marley & Me

Anyone who is a big fan of Owen Wilson will know this film. We don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it but you should go watch this film. It showcases the life of a couple alongside their much beloved golden retriever Marley.

Marley & Me is actually the name of the column that Owen Wilson’s character creates in the film. If there was ever a film to showcase how greatly the impact of a well-loved pet could have on the lives of a family, it would be this film.

Black Beauty

Based on the 1877 novel, this film has touched many a horse lover’s heart. It chronicles the life of a horse named Black Beauty and his experiences at the hands of different owners. He learns about kindness, cruelty, and event an ethical sort of treatment at the hands of those that understand how hard Victorian society had been using horses for transport and leisure.

In Retrospect

Animals are an everyday part of our existence whether as pets or sources of nourishment. The relationships between humans and animals have long been the focus of theories and careers. Since a lot of us are actually pet owners, it was not surprising in the least that there would be films that heavily showcase the simple yet strong bond between a person and the animal in their care.

Do you have a pet? Which movie about people and animals do you like the most?