Party at Attica like it’s 2050

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December 7, 2014 by Editorial Team

Party at Attica like it’s 2050

Everyone’s favourite club – Attica will play host to a very special event, billed as “the most innovative club experience ever seen in Asia” along with Google+, YouTube as well as Paul Oakenfold, a true legend of electronic music. This will be the official after-party for IMS Asia Pacific (International Music Summit). Attica is no stranger to playing host to big events nor is it the first time that it will be bringing in a superstar DJ, but it will be the first time seeing a collaboration with a world famous DJ in a digital experiment with Google that aims to revolutionize live performance.


Initially, I was quite confused about how they were going to reimagine live performance using groundbreaking technology but after some clarification, I left thoroughly impressed and incredibly excited for 11 December. Attica will be equipping 150 lucky guests with Google+ integrated Lightwave bioreactive wristbands and these lucky guests will be the first in Asia to use these bands. What these bands do is breathtakingly amazing, something that I’ve only imagined seeing in films! They will measure and process your emotional and biometric data in real time and this information will be used to dynamically shape your club experience. This information and data will take the interaction between artist and audience to a whole new level as Paul will have access to this information and he can zero in on individuals who are dancing the hardest, or when he sees emotional levels flagging he can trigger events to raise emotional levels to certain milestones. This is exactly what you think it does, these bands are going to keep the party going hard all night by creating these incredible interactive experiences. Your personal data will then be processed and shared to your Google+ account the very next day, a meaningful snapshot and recount into your own memorable night! These bands and all your emotional data will also be reflected in stunning visualisations and be used as colours in Paul Oakenfold’s palette as he creates his art.


If you are excited about what’s in store, you will not be the only one as Paul Oakenfold gushes, “It’s fantastic to be involved with Google and Attica for this groundbreaking digital experience. It’s a great time for dance music in Singapore, and events like the IMS Asia-Pacific conference being held in Asia for the first time, only help to reinforce Singapore’s status as Asia’s ‘gateway to electronic music’.”


This will be held from 10pm onwards on Thursday (11th December) at Attica. Advance tickets priced at $40 which includes one drink can be bought here! Door tickets will be priced at $50. I can’t wait to see you guys there and party it up! For those unable to make it, the world will be invited to the party through the 6 on-site cameras and translated onto Paul’s YouTube Channel!


Check out some pictures of Attica! My favourite has got to be the giant (and I mean GIANT) Belvedere bottle!!







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