A2 Parkour

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A2 Parkour

5 $$$$$

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Free Runner Lodge, CT hub 2 #05-91, 114 lavander street
Singapore 338729

+65 91849744

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A2 Movements seeks utilise our movements to inspire in our professional services that we might leave an impact, attract and through relationship bring about transformation in every individual to unleash their untapped potentials to achieve their God given destiny.

A2 Movements works to achieve the highest standards in all its endeavours from running a parkour academy with training structure that transforms lives, to providing professional standards in performances & events, to stunting movements in film, commercial and photography in both private and governmental sectors.

A2 Movements offer regularly conducts parkour classes for adults as well as for ladies and children. Thus no matter your age and gender, there is a class for you. There are not only outdoor classes but also an indoor parkour facility in Singapore, thus, if you can’t stand the Singaporean heat like us, perhaps the indoor classes are for you! Check out the schedule for classes here!




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