Adrenaline Laser Tag

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Adrenaline Laser Tag

3 $$$$$

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Laser Tag is a thrilling, intense and realistic simulated combat experience. This is achieved by using life sized rifles that can shoot and detect infra-red rays. This technology enables a player to shoot and “tag” other players from large distances equivalent to real rifles. The whole modern combat experience is thus created without all the pain and mess. Players will be hiding behind obstacles, dodging fire and running all over the battlefield trying to shoot each other and accomplish team objectives.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with all the technical details. What you really need to know is this: Laser Tag is extremely fun. If you’re looking for a novel, gripping and exhilarating experience then look no further. Heard of the game Counter Strike? This is Counter Strike in real life. On steroids.

And here at Adrenaline, we aim to give you the best experience in laser tag combat. Period.

Our Games are:

– Novel, unique and never before seen!
– Intensely immersive, Fun and Thrilling!
– 100% Safe and Mess Free!
– Trains Your Mind and Body: Great Mental and Physical Work Out!
– Effective Leadership Training & Team Building Opportunities!




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