Alive Tattoo Studio

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Alive Tattoo Studio

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211 New Bridge Road, Lucky Chinatown, #B2-03
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Mon - Sun: 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Our aim is to help individuals realise their tattoo wishes without being over-charged or treated rudely, in a comfortable setting. Tattoos are painful, yes. But the experience doesn’t have to be unpleasant!

What part of me shall I Tattoo?
Placement of the design, your attention to the after-care of your new tattoo, and the shape that you and your skin will all determine how well the final product holds up. Placing a tattoo in an area that gets stretched a lot (knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, etc) may cause the tattoo to blur faster than one that’s on your upper arm. Regular exposure to the sun will also cut any tattoo’s life expectancy, and if you don’t belive me just put a colourful shirt out in the sun and see what happens to it. Wear sunscreen on your tattoos when your planning to be exposed to the sun for awhile.

When should I get a Tattoo?
When you are sober and the right frame of mind, and when you really want one.

Is getting a tattoo painful?

How painful is it?
Usually a tattoo never hurts as much as you think it will. However how much it hurts depends on your ability to tolerate discomfort, and the area of your body that’s getting tattooed. Some area will hurt more than others. Like if you’re getting a tattoo in an area that is well covered with flesh, like your upper arm, expect mild discomfort. Areas where skin sits directly on top of bone, tendons, or large blood vessels will be more painful, but it will be bearable. Anticipation is much worse than actual experience.¬† But if you’re really worried about the pain, maybe you’re not ready to get a tattoo. If you’re enjoying the anticipation, maybe it’s time to get another one.

How much does it cost?
The price will depend on the size and complexity of the design as will as where you intent to get the tattoo. However expect to pay a little bit more for our UV tattoo due to the cost of this special ink as well as additional care required to apply the UV tattoo.

Is it safe?
Yes, if you come to Alive Tattoo Studio and follow the suggestions outlined here, tattooing is as safe as most any other normal activity and a lot safer than most. Our UV tattoo ink is also the only one in the market that is approved by USFDA.

Should I tip the tattoo artist?
Sure! The bottom line is … you won’t go wrong if you remember to think before you ink.

How do Tattoos work?
Tattoos are created by placing coloured pigments under the skin, in between the permanent base layer and the constantly changing top layer. The pigment becomes bonded to the skin cells and is visible through the translucent outer layer of your skin.

How do I care for my Tattoo?
Aftercare is another way to ensure that your tattoo will look wonderful for a long time. We will give you a little card after you get tattooed which details the way of healing for your tattoo. Please follow those instructions to the letter, every time. Many of us are really careful with our first and second pieces and tend to get a little sloppy about caring for the later additions to our collections.

On Your Marks, Get Tat. Go!
Try to be in reasonably good shape when you get a tattoo. Don’t show up drunk, stoned, tired or sick. And do yourself and your artist a favour, pay attention to your personal hygiene. Would you go to a doctor covered in grime of a day’s work? An artist spends a lot of time making sure their shop and equipment are sparkling clean. It’s common courtesy to return the favour and take a shower before you go.

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