BakinCalf Workshops

4 $$$$$

BakinCalf Workshops

4 $$$$$

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Yishun Ring Road
Singapore 257 Yishun Ring Road


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Baking & Cakes Decoration Classes

You can be rest assured that all BakinCalf workshops developed under BakinCow are well researched, tested and documented – be it course work design, recipes, or the art of imparting knowledge. The same rigour is applied down to naming its various workshops – nothing is left to chance.

Presently, all classes do not require prior baking experience. However, do note that the instructor will only demonstrate key steps of the recipe. If you are not familiar with basic steps like sieving flour, you can highlight to the instructor. She will either show you or ask the more regular & experienced participant(s) to show you if time is tight.

And if it does require prior baking experience, i will state it in the workshop details with skill-level needed.


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