Chill Out

Café & Meal MUJI @ PARAGON

3 $$$$$
Chill Out

Café & Meal MUJI @ PARAGON

3 $$$$$

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290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859

+65 9680 1623

Mon-Sun: 10am – 9:30pm

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MUJI is well known for their succinctly designed products which reflect universality. Now, Café & Meal MUJI has come to Singapore with their flagship store opened at PARAGON.

With the same philosophy they have towards their other products, Café & Meal MUJI’s food is simply prepared and well presented. Through this cooking style, the fullness of the ingredients’ natural taste is brought out.


Try their signature Deli set meals going for $12.90 and $14.90, for the 3 Deli and 4 Deli sets respectively. The options available are all healthy and pleasing to the palate which fits in with the clean and simple theme of the place. Besides the Deli sets, there are desserts and drinks served in the same style, simple yet appealing to the eyes and palate. For Japanese dessert lovers, the Matcha Jelly Parfait ($7.90) is perfect for you.

MUJI Matcha Jelly Parfait

Whether you are seeking a quiet interlude to your shopping or a break from the clutter of the world in general, Café & Meal MUJI will more than meet your needs. The relaxing ambience, simple food, and gentle music are all perfect for those looking for some inner calm. So if you are a MUJI fan, a Japanese fan or someone just looking for a place to relax, check out Café & Meal MUJI today.


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