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Here at doob®, we believe in no-nonsense comfort – if you didn’t ask for it, you don’t pay for it. This is why doob® bean bags are of good quality, and yet so affordable. We have a dream, that someday, every home will have a doob® to enjoy, that every person will know the comfort of a plush bean bag.


It is a huge and daunting task, yes, and were we any less strong we might have given up and let – god forbid – chairs(!) continue in their domination over human derriere-dom. But we continue to dream of that day, and as we still have breath in our lungs, we shall carry the message of the doob®. We only ask that you let us into your heart and your home, and we will show you a comfort beyond all imagination. doob®. because your butt deserves better.


doob Bean Bags is Singapore’s leading bean bag brand! Why? Because our bean bags are:

1. born and bred in Singapore, with lots of love. That means a much higher quality than even brand-name “world class” bean bags that are made in sweatshops!

2. dooble-layered. Double-layered protection means doob bean bags are easier to clean, more durable, and safer!

3. kid-safe. Apart from having an inner bag to keep curious fingers out, our inner bags are locked with child-safe zippers!




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