Chill Out

Flock Cafe

4 $$$$$
Chill Out

Flock Cafe

4 $$$$$

Place Details

78 Moh Guan Terrace #01-25 and 21 Ghim Moh Road #01-213

Flock Cafe: Opens Daily, 8am-6pm
Flock Ghim Moh:
Tue & Wed: 10am-2.30pm
Thu: 10am-2.30pm, 6-9pm
Fri: 10am-2.30pm, 6-10pm
Sat: 9am-10pm
Sun: 9am-5pm

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A family run restaurant, Flock’s atmosphere is deliberately relaxed! Flock Cafe started from the owner’s love of cafes, good food and most importantly, good company. As such, the desire to allow other people to enjoy this incredible trinity led to Flock Cafe! What’s more, their good food is helped by their comfortable modern industrial decor and spot on choice of music! Have I mentioned that their food and coffee is pretty damn impressive as well?

Flock Cafe

Flock Cafe Coffee

Genmaicha Lattes Flock Cafe


All Images Courtesy of Flock Cafe!

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