Chill Out

Hopscotch Bar

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Chill Out

Hopscotch Bar

5 $$$$$

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Red Dot Traffic Building 28 Maxwell Road, #01-04 Singapore 069120


Mon – Sat 4pm – 1am

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Hopscotch by Mixes from Mars is a pop up craft cocktail bar tucked within the courtyard of former traffic police headquarters, Red Dot Traffic. Started in September 2014, Hopscotch has gone on to become one of Singapore’s more notable craft cocktail bars, with features in publications such as Travel and Leisure Magazine Southeast Asia.


The concept of Hopscotch is based on a single mantra; To deliver a quality and noteworthy customer experience. The drinks concept is for the delivery of craft cocktails with a local twist. Each drink incorporates some form of local element, be it in substance, form, or both. Their cocktails also tend to utilize forms of molecular mixology techniques, which is to modify the textures of certain ingredients for an enhanced gastronomical experience. Besides the cocktails, Hopscotch also bolsters a wide array of local themed shots, which include nostalgic favourites such as the “Bandung shot”, “Ondeh Ondeh shot”, as well as a “Milo Dinosaur shot”


Drawing inspiration from the game, Hopscotch also has a games corner, which features retro games which locals once enjoyed as kids. Some of them include “Jenga”, “Crocodile Dentist” and “Snap”, favourites of patrons looking to have some friendly competition with friends. The bar also features a classic dart board, and a foosball table, which have proven popular with patrons. It serves as a perfect getaway for those looking for a unique drinking atmosphere in the company of friends. 


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