Hvala Waffle Bar @ 313@Somerset

4 $$$$$

Hvala Waffle Bar @ 313@Somerset

4 $$$$$

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313 Somerset #B3-50, Singapore

Mon-Sun: 11:00am - 10:00pm

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Ever felt like having a waffle but holding back because you would not be able to finish it? Wish you had more stomach capacity to try all the different delicious looking waffles on the menu?

Hvala Waffle Bar Apple Cinnamon

At Hvala Waffle Bar, they have just the solution to your plight. With their unique waffle sticks, you do not have to worry about overeating. Their waffle sticks are portioned for a single person and you will definitely be able to finish them without issue. Not only that, you will be spoilt for choice with their selection of exciting flavours. With flavours such as caramelized bananas and Smurfy S’mores, there is surely a flavour for everyone.

Hvala Waffle Bar Sample Spread

Whether as a snack for those on the go or as a desert to round off a meal, these waffle sticks will fit the bill. The size of the serving is definitely an asset as it gives you the flexibility to choose how and when you want to eat it. It’s not just the size that’s great, Hvala Waffle Bar is also constantly innovating. Their latest introduction is the Puffle ($7.90), combining soft serve, egglets and toppings such as fruits and sauces. With its unique take on waffles and interesting flavours, Hvala Waffle Bar is a definite must try for all waffle lovers.



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