Kranji Marshes: Singapore’s Largest Freshwater Marsh

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Kranji Marshes: Singapore’s Largest Freshwater Marsh

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11 Neo Tiew Lane 2,
Singapore 718814

+65 6794 1401

Mon-Sun: 7.00am - 7.00pm

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To all the nature enthusiasts out there, listen up! Kranji Marshes recently opened and it is a great place for all those who love to explore the outdoors.

Located along the northwestern shore of Kranji Reservoir, the 56.8 hectare freshwater marshland is possibly the largest freshwater marsh in Singapore. The marsh is home to unique biodiversity which includes over 170 species of birds, 54 species of butterflies and 3 species of dragonflies. Along with Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, this marshland provides an important habitat for the conservation of biodiversity.

Kranji Marshes Swamphen Hide

Comprising a few different natural habitats, Kranji Marshes is ideal for visitors to explore and learn more about the various habitats. Habitats such as freshland marshes, woodlands and grass habitats comprise most of the area and each has their own unique biodiversity. All year round, visitor can see birds and reptiles such as woodpeckers and monitor lizards as they walk through Neo Tiew Woods. Often, a Changeable Hawk Eagle or White-bellied Sea Eagle can be seen perching on one of the tall trees in this habitat. At the Marsh Station, observe shy marsh birds such as the Purple Swamphen and Common Moorhen. Visitors can also enjoy a panoramic view of Kranji Marshes and Kranji Reservoir from the top of Raptor Tower. From November to March, visitors can look out for visiting species such as the Black Baza and Japanese Sparrowhawk from the top of Raptor Tower.

Kranji Marshes Raptor Tower

For those looking to have a tour of the place, NParks has a monthly guided tour held on a Saturday. This guided tour is free to all but those interested have to sign up in advance. To minimise disturbing the wildlife, only 20 slots will be available each tour. The tour will cover the marshland, woodland and grass habitats and will include a visit to the core conservation area which is ecologically sensitive and usually closed to the public.

For those worried about transport, there is a Kranji Express Shuttle service that starts at Kranji MRT station and covers several other locations in the area including Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Each trip costs $3 per adult and $1 for children and senior citizens regardless of the distance travelled.

Click here for registration information for the guided tour.

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