Chill Out

Potato Head Folk

4 $$$$$
Chill Out

Potato Head Folk

4 $$$$$

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36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143

Three Buns Kitchen, Tue-Sun: 11.00am – 12.00am
Studio 1939 & The Rooftop, Tue-Sun: 5.00pm - 12.00am

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From the same group that brought you the internationally acclaimed ‘Potato Head Beach Club’ in Bali, PTT Family brings you Potato Head Folk. Designed to be a home away from home, Potato Head Folk is PTT Family’s first international venture.

At first glance, the place seems rather unassuming until you step inside. Inspired by the history of the building that was built in 1939, most of the decor is vintage. The various murals, sculptures and furniture give a certain fun and lighthearted feel to the place.

Potato Head Folk Three Buns Dining Kitchen

Featuring a tiered dining concept, each floor is a dining experience in itself. The first floor has an interactive dining concept where guests can interact with the kitchen before picking up their orders from the counter. The second floor is a dining room where the first floor menu is available with table service. Some of the best food from these two floors are the Baby Huey Burger ($20), Rambo Burger ($25) and Naughty Fries ($9).


On the next floor is the Studio1939 Lounge which has an intimate bar setting with leather couches and vintage style seats. The decor gives the place a very 1940s noir feel. The intimate setting and cozy atmosphere makes this a great place for any post dinner conversation or even a cocktail party.

Potato Head Folk Studio1939 Lounge

On the last floor is the Rooftop Garden which gives a great view of the surrounding area. You can appreciate the blending of past and present with the mixed backdrop of shophouses and skyscrapers. The alfresco setting gives this place a great relaxed feel, perfect for a lazy evening.

Potato Head Folk Rooftop Garden

The next time you are looking for good food or a place to relax, try Potato Head Folk.

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