Red Dynasty Paintball

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Red Dynasty Paintball

4 $$$$$

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Turf Club Road
Singapore 288001


Tue - Sun: 9.30am - 6.00pm

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Red Dynasty Paintball Park, managed by EK Paintball Group Pte Ltd, opened its first branch at Bottle Tree Park, Khatib, in 2007. Over the years, we have assisted over 5000 companies to bring an unforgettable experience to their staff and families through paintball. Paintball is a sport played by many around the world and from all professions and lifestyles. It is a sport where women and men compete equally, and, which is not dominated by the younger nor the faster. Like a game of chess, being able to think quickly and decisively, is what makes you a star in paintball. Teamwork and determination, not merely strength, speed or agility, are keys to success in the sport. The memory of your colleague sitting beside you right now shooting you in paintball brings such an adrenaline rush that you know you want to win him or her in the next death match!

(1) The Cage Sports Park (Turf City, Bukit Timah)
(2) Bottle Tree Park (Khatib) (near Khatib MRT station)
(3) Camp Challenge (Sembawang)
(4) Fairway Club (Jurong) (opposite Jurong Secondary School)

Paintball is an adrenaline rushing sport which is safe (statistically reported to have lesser injuries than most sports!) and suitable for people of different gender and physique. Paintball is a fun activity that helps to enhance self confidence, decision making skills and team building. While many play paintball to have fun, organizations and corporations are finding paintball to be a game which promotes corporate teambuilding, increases camaraderie within the company and enhances employees’ leadership skills.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park offers the most reliable and advanced paintball equipment. Our equipment is carefully maintained on a rigorous schedule and cleaned to provide the most comfortable experience for all. Our facilitators are highly competent in the delivery of team building activities and will give complete attention to your learning needs.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park is the first paintball park in Singapore to offer speedball at a regional competitive level for players who are interested to play at competition paintball. Our head instructors are well-known in Singapore and regionally with vast experience in the sports and strong team-building facilitation backgrounds. With facilities catering to both recreational and competition paintball players, what are you waiting for? Come visit us today at any of our branches!

With our top expertise in teambuilding and healthy lifestyle promotion through paintball, you can be assured that you will be in good hands and just have to think about who is really your ally or foe in your paintball games with us! Fighting!


PACKAGE A – The Shooting Gallery (30 paintballs per pax) – $10.00 per pax ($10.70 incl GST)

Try out the first paintball shooting gallery in Singapore! If you are new to the sport and would like to have “hands-on” experience on a paintball marker, this is the choice for you. Just “Aim, Squeeze and Fire!” at targets at the target range. Suitable for individuals or groups who are keen to learn about the basics of handling a paintball marker. Ideal for team building checkpoints.

PACKAGE B – JAMES BOND (50 paintballs per pax) – $25.90 per pax ($27.71 incl GST)
(SG50 Promotion**! Free 50 additional paintballs. Total 100 paintball.)

“One Shot, One Kill” Bring out the James Bond in you! Try out our designed scenario games and pit your skills against your opponents. Our game marshals will guide you along in these role playing games which enhances team camaraderie and communication. Suitable for groups who are keen to do a little running and dodging. Estimated game duration is about 1 hour which includes safety briefing.

PACKAGE C – THE GODFATHER (100 paintballs per pax) – $35.90 per pax ($38.41 incl GST)
(SG50 Promotion**! Free 50 additional paintballs. Total 150 paintball.)

Be a member of the Mafia and shoot at your own will. Instill fear in your opponents with overwhelming pellets. A class of its own, players will be assigned with 100 paintballs each. Game scenarios will be introduced with a twist of laughter leaving everyone with a smile at the end of each game. Estimated game duration is about 1.5 hour which includes safety briefing.

PACKAGE D – RAMBO (250 paintballs per pax) – $49.90 per pax ($53.39 incl GST)
(SG50 Promotion**! Free 50 additional paintballs. Total 300 paintball.)

One man with one mission: Destroy the opposition and survive! With 250 paintballs assigned to you, you are fearless and dangerous. Immerse in a fun day of shooting, hiding and capturing the flag! As our most popular package, this will guarantee you with a full paintball experience. Suitable for team building games amongst friends, colleagues and families. Special events such as birthday parties, hen and stag parties, carnivals, companies retreats, outdoor adventure activities, tournaments and more…Estimated game duration is about 2 hours which includes safety briefing.

PACKAGE E – DARTH VADER (250 paintballs per pax) + Personal paintball mask – $84.90 per pax ($90.84 incl GST)
(SG50 Promotion**! Free 50 additional paintballs. Total 300 paintball.)

Ever watched the movie Star Wars? Darth Vader package is suitable for participants who are ready to join the “DARK” side and get that paintball insulin into your blood veins. With this package, you will be raining 250 paintballs on your opponents and get a paintball mask for you to bring home after the games for you to showcase your triumph! Keep the mask as a souvenir or bring it back for the next paintball session, either way, we are starting to smell the HARDcore in you…

PACKAGE F – MAD DOG (500 paintballs per pax) – $89.90 per pax ($96.19 incl GST)
(SG50 Promotion**! Free 50 additional paintballs. Total 550 paintball.)

Never disturb a dog especially when the dog is MAD! YES! The Mad Dog package as Singaporeans call it the “Siao Gao” is a total showcase of your brutally on the field. Conserving paintballs is never in your dictionary. You “spam” paintballs as you like, brutalizing your opponents and strike fear into their hearts. Aggression 100% in a YOLO (You Only Live Once) attitude.

NIGHT PACKAGE – ZOMBIE (200 paintballs per pax) – $45.00NETT per pax
(SG50 Promotion**! Free 50 additional paintballs. Total 250 paintball.)

Don’t be left for dead! When the apocalypse is here and hordes of zombies are at every turn, its every man for himself. Be the survivor and lead your pack to victory. Only available at ORTO (Yishun). Time slots 7pm-9pm or 9pm-11pm. Minimum 12pax.

ONE PACKAGE CONCEPT (100 paintballs per pax) – $29.90NETT per pax

Take advantage of this promotion while its still around. The One Package Concept is only valid at Camp Challenge (Sembawang) and Fairway Club (Jurong).

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