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SECSEA is the leading sea expedition centre that offers progression options and development of sea sportsmen starting from basic sea sport courses all the way up to local and overseas expeditions.

Founded by a group of professional instructors with rich and varied sea experiences and qualifications, SECSEA sees Southeast Asia as a haven for sea sports and aims to share the fun and experience of new and seasoned sportsmen alike.

Ubin Bisect

This is the most exciting kayaking expedition possible in Singapore. Paddlers experience a whole range of different conditions and scenery. You will be paddling in the sea off Changi Beach, then move to the creeks that cut Pulau Ubin in half. This expedition actually enters the streams in the North of Ubin and exit in the South which is why we call this trip a bisect.Along the way, we will pass the sea eagles’ nesting site and the hunting grounds of our local dolphin pods. Once we hit the creeks and enter the mangrove trees, we may chance upon the odd mangrove tree snakes, hornbills and large monitor lizards. Toward the end of our journey, we paddle through smooth otter nesting areas, and finally their favorite play area, before ending our trip.


Sea Cave Exploration @ Pulau Tinggi (Malaysia)

Pulau Tinggi is known for its mystical quality as much as its sheer physical beauty. Being close to the South China Sea, and devoid of pollution, Pulau Tinggi boasts lucid, crystal- clear waters and miles of splendid living coral reefs. The rugged north and eastern coasts feature beautiful barren, volcanic rock cliffs, eroded by the incessant sea, into many sea- caves and small, inlet beaches.

Our exploration is an easy 2 day trip. After arrival on the first day, we board our kayaks and paddle about an hour to the vicinity of the caves. Using waterproof flashlights, we will attempt to enter a cave and will even take a swim inside a cave. Lunch will be on a beach, and after we have all had enough for the day, we will proceed back to the resort to rest. The 2nd day, we will visit a nearby island for a snorkel.


Mangrove Kayaking

Together with our experienced guides, paddle in pairs along the coast and enter the mangroves of Pulau Ubin. Appreciate the wonders of nature against a backdrop of endless greenery and learn about the amazing works of Earth’s ecology. Eco-friendly kayaks, dewy fresh air and the cooing and buzzing of birds, this is definitely ultimate tranquility, with lots of fun!

On arrival, your guide will help you get outfitted in good quality gear before you glide off the beach in a tandem kayak to begin your Mangrove Kayaking Adventure on Pulau Ubin. Kingfishers, Eagles, Hornbills, Herons and Egrets are some of the many species of birds often spotted. More difficult to spot will be the family of otters or the two pods of pink river dolphins we have, on occasion, chanced-upon.

Rain or shine, this is quite simply the finest half-day kayak trip you will find in Singapore. Certified guides lead an entertaining sea and mangrove route that is limited to 20 participants. This is an easy to moderate adventure, which requires no previous experience or skill, making it perfect for beginners and families. You need only bring yourself, a change of clothes and an appetite for adventure. Join us now for a true Mangrove Eco-Adventure experience!


Diving Trips

5 Days 4 Nights Tulamben Bali dive –

Tulamben is definitely Bali’s most famous diving area with the richest marine biodiversity. With three main dive sites that provide totally different physical environments, divers can expect to experience a stunningly diverse underwater ecosystem.

A wonderful place to dive and learn about underwater life, Tulamben dive sites also offer occasional sightings of Whale Shark, tuna and Manta Rays.

Have an unforgettable dive trip in Tulamben while enjoying the beach and sea views from the Tauch Terminal Tulamben Dive Resort. Located conveniently in front of the resort are the three outstanding dive sites – Tulamben Wreck of Liberty, Tulamben Drop Off and the Coral Garden.

All Images Courtesy of SecSea!

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