The Cage

4 $$$$$

The Cage

4 $$$$$

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38 Jalan Benaan Kapal
Singapore 399635


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With six 5-a-side pitches (or 4-a-side if you have the lungs and legs), The Cage provides a new form of soccer entertainment never before available in Singapore.

soccer 9 the cage

5asideINT the cage

Why did we build the Cage? For amateur footballers like ourselves really.No time to play: if you live the busy life of an executive, then you probably never leave before the sun sets. Which means there are very few places to have a game. Not here. 24/7 – we are ready if you are. 22 players hard to organise: if you have left school, getting 22 players is a nightmare. But getting 8 or 10 is much easier. 5-a-side football is your answer. Fitness: don’t have the fitness to manage a 11-a-side 90 min game? Play 5-a-side and it will get it into shape
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Now available at Turf City too!

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The Cage was validated by superstar Nani’s visit!

nani the cage

All Images Courtesy of The Cage!

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