The Yoga Co

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The Yoga Co

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Founded by Sandra Riley Tang, The Yoga Co. is a home studio where yoga is the practice and community is the belief.

What is the validity of the class packages?
For a 10 class pack, 4 months.
For a 20 class pack, 8 months.
For a 50 class pack, 12 months.
*Validity starts from date of purchase.

What classes can I go for with a package?
At The Yoga Co., there is no restriction on the type or time of class you can attend. If you’ve bought a package with us, we welcome and encourage you to try all the classes.

Can I just walk in for classes?
Yes you may. Though we recommend you give us a call before you come or book a mat online first so you’ll be sure to have a slot in the class.

How do I book for a class?
Those with existing packages can log in to book a class on our website. Alternatively, you can email See you on the mat!

Is there a minimum number of people required for a class to commence?
We require 3 to start a class. You will be notified 3 hours before a class if the class is cancelled. However, if you’d like private 1-on-1 classes, do drop us a note!

What is the maximum number of people for each class?
To be able to give each student the maximum attention and benefit, we’d like to keep our classes small at 15.






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