Threadbare & Squirrel

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Threadbare & Squirrel

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501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place #02-20
Singapore 238880


Mon - Sun: 10:30 am - 9:30 pm

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Designers, artists, independent thinkers and aspiring fashionistas in search of something to add to their lives so come visit us and see if we may have that little something to brighten up your day.

Why “threadbare & squirrel”?

Many people ask us why threadbare & squirrel? Well “threadbare” because we hope you love the clothes you buy from us so much that they’ll get threadbare before you’d be willing to part with them.

“squirrel” because we like to find the beautiful and offbeat, the wonderful and curious, and find a way of bringing these objects to you.

Here at threadbare & squirrel, you are bound to find some nifty stuff that will make you look good and curios that will be sure to delight.

Labels that we carry:

20:TWOTHREE (Singapore)
Al&Alicia (Singapore)
ARC (Singapore)
CAVALIER (Singapore)
CASSEY GAN (Malaysia)
GINLEE (Singapore)
I LOVE UGLY (New Zealand)
JAN | SOBER (Indonesia)
max.tan (Singapore)
sourced (Singapore)
SUNDAYS (Singapore)
Weekend Sundries (Singapore)
YOUYOU (Singapore)

AÃRK Watches (Australia)
Alister Yiap (Australia)
Amado Gudek (Singapore)
Lanterna (Japan)
Mandy Wu (Singapore)
Monocrafft (Netherlands)
Mojak (Singapore)
PROTESTA (Hong Kong)
Saught (Singapore)
STACK by A.K.A Wayward (Singapore)
Stale & Co (Singapore)
Stelliyah (Singapore)
The Little Drom Store (Singapore)

Wallets & Bags
Carre Royal (Paris)

Emblem (Singapore)
Happy Socks (Sweden)

Eyewear and Caps
Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage (Japan)
Assorted Vintage Sunnies
Hat of Cain (Singapore)

FREDA’ D Perfume (Singapore)
HALF-HALF (Singapore)
Earth Tu Face (USA)






All Images Courtesy of Threadbare & Squirrel!

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