Updog Studio

4 $$$$$

Updog Studio

4 $$$$$

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Mon - Thu: 8:30 am - 9:30 pm
Fri: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
Sat: 7:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Sun: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

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Updog Studio, part of the Emmanuel Stroobant Group is dedicated to helping you create and foster conditions of optimal health in your body. They are committed practitioners of Yoga with a focus that extends beyond the level of simply exercise or relaxation. They explore movement as a pathway to greater ease and healing in the body. They believe in combining alignment techniques of the body with breath techniques for calming and balancing the mind.

They strive to provide you with highly skilled instructors dedicated to helping you build strength, serenity, and focus. Whether you are a novice or advanced practitioner, their attentive teachers will assist you through this journey of self-discovery.

They understand that for many, yoga is a pathway to achieving one’s ideal self, and they do this primarily through a hot practice and nutritional guidance provided by their very own in-house celebrity chef through workshops.

Classes includes: Hot 26, Hot Hatha, Hot Flow, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Prenatal and Postnatal classes, Flow, Hatha, workshops and retreats.

Benefits to Yoga:

Health – Yoga cleans up and reconditions the pathways of physical and mental circulation and communication, bringing about positive health, hygiene, and an overall sensation of well-being. This combination builds a strong constitution that helps to provide resistance and boosts immunity to disease.

Mental – Yoga is an effective and efficient way to achieve physiological change, but through this process many psychological changes occur too. When you employ breath-control and concentration in conjunction with asana (poses), it slows the mind and induces relaxation. Overall, yoga brings a decreased resistance in the flow of energy and thoughts, leaving you free to think, see and experience from a new perspective. The transformation of your life through yoga is a direct result of this increased awareness of who you are and what you reflect out to the world around which in turn affects what you receive back.

Physical – he physical practice of asana works on the body using contraction, stretching, compression, and release of the soft tissues to create openness and evenness. These actions increase tissue circulation just as the opening of a dam sends rushing waters into smaller waterways. Areas of the body once stagnant and starting to deteriorate are flushed out by this action; they then start to receive nourishment and function fully. The increased number of cells in the body boosts the amount of energy produced while decreasing the workload on the organ systems, allowing them to perform at optimum levels, and balancing hormones and metabolism.


10 classes (valid for 4 months) – $320

20 classes (valid for 6 months) – $560

50 classes (valid for 12 months) – $1199

Unlimited classes for 1 month – $360

Unlimited classes for 6 months – $1800

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