Review: Def Leppard in 2015!

by Editorial Team
December 7, 2015 by Editorial Team

Review: Def Leppard in 2015!

It took them 19 years to return to Singapore but British rock band Def Leppard did not disappoint. In fact, the fans’ devotion was rewarded with a night filled with fresh and furious tracks.

The crowd at Suntec Convention Centre was close to a full house, made up of the early-20s to middle-aged fans that brought along their kids for an electrifying time.

Expats and middle-aged men largely outweighed new fans and they were slow to warm up to unfamiliar tracks — from their latest release in October this year — but were still receptive towards their return.

As though understanding what the fans were really here for, frontman Joe Elliot quickly thanked them for listening to their new material and played tracks from their glorious heyday.

Photo by Aloysius Lim | LAMC Productions

The glorious Joe Elliot who still sounds and performs as though he’s 20 years younger!

When familiar tunes were played, the fans did not need a song or two to warm up and were quickly able to match the intensity of their performance by singing in unison to the chorus of hit songs like ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ and ‘Love Bites’.

For some fans, the band brought them back to their teenage years and it was also a testament to the music and talents of Def Leppard, who have been around for more than three decades.

But in some ways, it was not solely a nostalgia concert that made fans feel like it was a repeat from 1996. They played new incarnations of their hit singles that showed how they have matured and grown into an electrifying force that is no longer as flashy, but still filled with rock-star swagger.

Photo by Aloysius Lim | LAMC Productions

Vivian Campbell (left) and Rick Savage (right) enjoying the night!

Emotions took a different turn when the band played ‘Hysteria’ as well as ‘When Love and Hate Collide’, where footage and pictures from the band’s early days were used as the backdrop. The cameramen present also projected the fan’s ecstatic faces onto the backdrop live and they could all see themselves screaming and chanting along. The convention hall felt as though they were all in a surreal 1980s music video,

This was coupled with a shirtless, glistening Phil Collen who stole the stage with guitar solos as he shredded riffs throughout the whole show, along with co-lead Vivian Campbell who was able to elevate most songs and provide the distinct 80s-rock sound that we were all so eager to hear.

Photo by Aloysius Lim | LAMC Productions

A half naked Phil Collen looking way better than his age!

As they left the stage without playing two of their massive hits ‘Photograph’ and ‘Rock of Ages’, we were all assured of an encore. This time they came back to fill the void in our hearts with an encore set that pushed night to a triumphant close. Elliot also assured fans that they would not have to wait another 19 years for their return.

Right before they started their 1993 hit song ‘Two Steps Behind’, Joe Elliot said to the crowd: “Singapore, can you sing? Do you want to join Def Leppard for 3-4 minutes?”

Photo by Aloysius Lim | LAMC Productions

We really wished the night would never end!

The inner adolescent in us all wanted to join them forever.


Written by: Matthew Chiew

Photos by: Aloysius Lim

Thanks to LAMC Production for the opportunity!


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