Review: Lenka in Singapore 2015

by Audrey Kwok
December 2, 2015 by Audrey Kwok

Review: Lenka in Singapore 2015

Lenka has been around in the music industry for a long time. When we watched her perform on Tuesday night at TAB, we finally understood why.

Seven years after Aussie pop sensation Lenka debuted, she is still rockin’ the stage, sweet and cheerful as ever. Even with a heavily pregnant belly (yes, Lenka’s on her second child!), Lenka danced and swayed energetically for her Singapore audience on Tuesday. The singer’s stunning vocals hardly even faltered through her entire 90-minute set.

The show was opened by local musician Charlie Lim, who played some of his own music and several mashups (including one of Hotline Bling, which got the crowd tittering). His mellow, acoustic set was a beautiful lead-in to Lenka’s more upbeat tracks.

Charlie Lim Charlie LIm

The crowd really only got excited when the star of the night turned up, of course. With her hair brought up into two cute buns at the sides of her head, Lenka lit the room up immediately with her infectious smile, faster tracks and quirky dance moves. Between songs, Lenka chattered on about her pregnancy, the motivation behind each song, her new album and occassionally shot questions to audience members.

Her renditions of songs from her new album “The Bright Side” as well as old crowd favourites such as “Trouble is a Friend” and “Heart Skips a Beat” were steady and clear, yet somehow also fun and imaginative. (Could we expect any less from Lenka?) We especially loved hearing “Everything at Once” sung live as the song effectively brought out Lenka’s strong vocals at the chorus and her unique vocal quality at the verse.

Pic 3

Apart from the bubblegum pop image she is famous for, we saw another dimension to Lenka when she performed soaring, impassioned songs like “Two Hearts”, which had been inspired by her previous pregnancy. One of the most memorable parts of the show was when Lenka sat mermaid-style on the stage, demanded that all phones and cameras be put away, and sang directly to the audience. Her honey vocals took the spotlight as she hit the notes effortlessly.

Pic 5

As the closing notes of Lenka’s last song for the night – “The Show (New Version)” – played on, the lyrics “I want my money back” were both amusing and nostalgic. Nobody wanted their money back, but nobody wanted the show to end, either.

Mad props to you, Lenka. You’re a superwoman.

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Written by: Audrey Kwok
Photographs by: Audrey Kwok and Matthew Chew
Lenka was brought to you by Impact Live



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