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Geylang Singapore: A Clash of Sights and Sounds

Singapore is a place which has so much to offer. In order to truly experience Singapore the way the locals do, you need to arm yourself with suitable knowledge. For today’s discussion, we shall be focusing on a particular district: Geylang.

As you may know, Singapore City is a fully developed district so it combines urban settings with suburban touches. It’s actually not all that surprising to see residential homes near or next to commercial establishments. So what’s in Geylang?


Geylang has been long known to be the district that you go to for adult entertainment. Yes, it has been known to be the red-light district of Singapore. However, this does not mean to imply that this is all that it offers visitors and locals.

Geylang has a lot of entertainment establishments like little gambling halls or bowling alleys. They also have some little museums and galleries in the area.


A thriving night life spot, Geylang is known to have the best sorts of parties. If you go to the right time of year, you may even be treated to a block party. This is where they close down the avenue and throw a street wide party where they blast local and international music.

They also get their local celebrities and artists to perform during these events. So if you’ve ever wanted to get to know the indie scene of Singapore, this place would be a good place to visit.


Geylang is an entertainment district so you can expect it to have a lot of inns or little hotels nearby. Since the area is always awake you would probably expect the accommodations to be on the pricey side. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Geylang is know for the really cheap yet wholly pleasant accommodations in the area.

In Retrospect

Every country has their version of Geylang and each will have its own particular charm and attractions. While Geylang will probably always have its reputation of being a red-light district, this should not dissuade you from trying it out. You may just end up surprising yourself at what you discover about the places to stay, the places to eat, and even the sights and sounds that you get to see.

One of the best things about travelling is that you get to meet new people that you normally would not be able to come across. Have you been to Geylang? What was the most memorable thing about it?