Samantha Lo and her LIMPEH

by Dominic Teo
July 12, 2015 by Dominic Teo

Samantha Lo and her LIMPEH

Samantha Lo, the artist behind all the LIMPEH stickers and T-Shirts that are the absolute craze right now will be having her first solo show, appropriately titled The LIMPEH show next month (Aug) at The Substation! We had a short chat with her with regards to her thoughts about her first solo exhibition and her thoughts about street art in general.

The LIMPEH Show which is also her first solo exhibition is a culmination of not only all her hardwork with regards to the LIMPEH collection but also her rise in popularity. Thus, the show can be considered as a sort of ” goodbye to that past and a start to new beginnings.” While many of you will surely be curious about The LIMPEH Show being a typical sort of art exhibition especially considering the medium that you are accustomed to is restricted to tee-shirts and stickers, there’s obviously a reason behind the choice of medium. According to Samantha, “I wanted people to ‘represent’ the message if the image resonated with them in whatever way. By branding yourself as LIMPEH with the tees or simply pasting the stickers on your luggage bag, that was you taking charge of that moment, you are LIMPEH. It’s a colloquial play on words which doubles as a little joke.” It was really quite brilliant, a little reminiscent of the Guy Fawkes mask that everyone dons in V for Vendetta, taking an incredibly public image and making it yours.

Her LIMPEH collection has gained notoriety in part due to her use of the LKY image so of course I was curious as to how she associated LIMPEH with LKY. To her like many of us, “LKY was a strong authoritarian figure who invoked strong reactions from the many people who attributed Singapore to his name. In that respect, I looked at him like a father who you could never quite understand his motives but somehow felt it was for a greater good (that he determined).”


Her motivation behind her art is clear, without hesitation she explains “I hope to keep challenging myself to put better, honest work forward that resonates with people in an effort to bridge the gap between art and the audience. It was a friend’s wise words that shaped my practice to what it is today, and that is to look at art as an experience, a vehicle for the soul. That’s how I’d like people to view my work, as an experience and a learning journey.” With such a reason, you must head down to check out the experience of viewing her art in its entirety.

When asked about her favourite artists, her answer seemed to veer towards artists whose art has had a significant impact or enacted great change.  “From street artists Faith47 and Axel Void for their brutally honest depictions of everyday life done through site specific murals to fine art painters Caravaggio and Titian. In a few years time, I hope to accomplish just a fraction of what they have, and maybe (just maybe) try to make a change.” It is clear that to Samantha, art is not so much for art’s sake (as Oscar Wilde so famously proclaimed), but rather to extend and improve the entire human experience.

What are some of an artists’ other passions? Clue, while she is no Da Vinci, her passions are still varied. “It still goes back to my practice really! My free time is usually spent working on my practice still or brainstorming on new projects to keep busy. Some of my other passions beyond art include cycling, traveling, and cooking. I’m a pretty boring person.”

Now that you have a much better idea of Samantha as an artist, you HAVE to check out her upcoming LIMPEH show which will be showing from 7th of August to the 22nd at The Substation!


All Images Courtesy of Samantha and The Substation!


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