Beer & Brawns: Afterthoughts on the SCC 7s

by Lemuel Low
November 4, 2015 by Lemuel Low

Beer & Brawns: Afterthoughts on the SCC 7s

If you haven’t been keeping up with rugby action these past couple of weeks, you probably have been living under a rock. The recently concluded rugby world cup saw the All Blacks crowned champions at the conclusion of the month long tournament in Twickenham. On our local shores, too, we weren’t left out with similar luck witnessing great rugby action at the SCC7s just about a week ago.

Societe Generale, a bank with a time honour tradition of supporting rugby events all over the world, brought the region’s premiere 7s tournament back for its 67th edition. This year’s line-up was particularly exciting, with numerous renowned 7’s teams such as SA Sevens Academy and the Penguins, joining the tournament. As avid rugby fans, we were thrilled at the opportunity to catch some high level ball movement and footwork on the field. And it surely didn’t disappoint. Discernibly quicker than its 15 a side cousin, the sevens game involves much more running and tactics over a shorter time span. 

SA Sevens Academy vs Penguins 2

For most games, the 14 mins on field passed by really quickly as we treated to a dazzling display of quick passing and sharp cuts. Our team for the event was naturally the Singapore National 7s Team. But even in such a competitive field, the two favourites coming into the tournament, SA Sevens Academy and the Penguins, stood out from the rest, both trouncing the competition before them by an average of more than 20 points to make the finals. However in the finals, the cream rose to the top of the crop, as the dominating speed and size of the SA Sevens Academy proved too much for the Penguins, trouncing them convincingly 36-5 in a one-sided affair. Definitely satisfying a weekend of high-octane rugby action.


Off the field though, there were also plenty of highlights. The event organisers had clearly put in much thought to coincide the tournament with the rugby world cup, which was probably a good idea because of the rugby frenzy that was in the air. The finals were also broadcasted at the tournament site, to the delight of fans, who watched in on the big screen at the Padang with good company and plenty of booze, a true rugby experience. Not to say the atmosphere throughout the tournament was rather great too. There were plenty of food and drink options around to fill them up for round 2. Quintessential pub grub such as Guinness and Fish & Chips by Smith’s set up shop(booth) at the venue for the duration of the tournament. The lads turned out in full force for the rugby clinics that were organised to get their “first-hand’ experience at playing the sport. Also, the entire Societe Generale community in Singapore manage to find their way to the Padang, showing their support for their company’s favourite sport(for all those looking to hob knob with Singapore’s banking elite)


Perhaps the couple of comments we have would be towards improving the demographic of those in attendance. It was great to see the local expatriate community turn up in full force to support their local sport, but there were hardly any locals there to support our local team, in spite of publicity for the event over all streams of media. Also, it didn’t help that the tournament was held on the same week as the more renowned WTA Finals, which definitely hurt attendance at the SCC 7s. Hopefully, with the success of this year’s tournament and the de-conflicting of schedules, this trend will improve.

Overall, it was definitely a lovely weekend of chill and thrill at the SCC 7s. Another year, another champion crowned, another tournament to look forward to next year.


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(After note:  The dates for next year’s SCC 7s have been set at 4th to 6th November. Mark it down in your calendars! Stay tuned to Whatsnext for the latest updates on the tournament)


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