New Year’s High: Siloso Beach Countdown 2016 (review)

by Editorial Team
January 6, 2016 by Editorial Team

New Year’s High: Siloso Beach Countdown 2016 (review)

Just about a week ago on New Year’s Eve, 12 000 revellers ushered in 2016 at one of the biggest beach parties of the year- Siloso New Year countdown event. The party went on overnight from 6pm till 6am and the vibes remained high throughout the night. The fantastic music, flow of alcoholic beverages and the amazing company of best buddies fuelled the festive mood for the upcoming New Year.

By 8pm, huge crowds were already seen swarming in. Decked in fashionable beachwear and bikinis, partygoers weren’t afraid to show off the hot bods they had worked so hard for in 2015. There was visible anticipation for the music acts, headlined by Dutch producer and DJ Don Diablo by both local and international artistes, which included DJs Funky T, Ollie Des, Inquisitive, Eclipse, Electrokat, Sabrina, and 2015 Sentosa DJ Spin-Off winner, DJ Caden.

IMG_2016-01-06 23:25:40

For those who were willing, and fortunate like us, enough to get their hands on VIP tickets, the much shorter queue meant getting in much faster. Sentosa, one of Asia’s leading leisure destination and Singapore’s premier island resort getaway, was an absolute beach party heaven that night.

There was a good mix of locals and foreigners at the event to usher in the New Year. Many popular mixes were constantly on speaker and the music was absolutely pulsating. The beach party itself was separated into three main areas – the main stage, the VIP area and the foam party area. The main stage attracted the majority of partygoers as the mood at the soundstage was buzzing was and partygoers were absolutely high.

The foam party area, though smaller in size, was equally, exciting as the main area. Partygoers were emphatically splashing white foam onto each other and themselves, coating “victims” in a layer of sticky and slippery bubble-liquid concoction. What better way could there be to celebrate the New Year?

silosobeach countdown 2016 foam pool

The VIP area was relatively quiet as compared to the other two sections. Here the crowd chilled with friends and enjoyed a little heart to heart chitchat instead. To each its own but every area catered to a different kind of crowd- the wild, the chill and the clubbers and there was something to look forward to for everyone.

What was an absolute stand-out was the service provision. The multiple bars had popular mixers such JimBeam Whiskey Cola and RedBull Vodka, which weren’t too pricey. F&B coupon booths were readily available around every corner of the beach area, allowing partygoers to get their beverage coupons for a cup or two of their favourite drinks or a side of nachos. Moreover, there ice water was always readily available for people who got a little too high in order to sober up. The staff was very friendly too, and catered to everybody’s needs.

Of course, with a NYE beach countdown, we were all waiting for the stroke of midnight. An epic display of fireworks kicked off the new year as friends and strangers alike revelled in the 5 minutes of blazing glory.

siloso beach party fireworks

Party-goers made their resolutions for yet another year of thrills as couples kissed and shared their hopes for the future. Confetti paper, which they had penned down during registration, rained down upon them during the display. After midnight, the party mood did not dampen but only got higher as adrenaline-seeking youths and adults partied all till the break of dawn.

The unique formula of the Siloso Beach Party was truly memorable. The tradition of counting down to the New Year in flip-flops to good music with friends and loved ones was truly an outstanding experience for all to welcome a new and better year.

siloso beach party 2016 confetti


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