SISTAR x MONSTAR X in Singapore

by Dominic Teo
December 13, 2015 by Dominic Teo

SISTAR x MONSTAR X in Singapore

Just a week ago, Starship Entertainment brought their two biggest artists to Singapore for a fanmeet with local fans. Sistar and Monsta X both put up impressive performances for fans with some fantastic fan services. This was not Sistar’s first time here in Singapore so their stellar performance was an expected joy but catching Monsta X live for the first time was really quite a pleasant surprise.  The fanmeet was held at Marina Bay Convention Hall E and lasted for approximately 1 hour and 40 mins.

The fanmeet kicked off with Sistar performing three of their top hits, ‘Shake It’, ‘Don’t Be Such a Baby” and ‘I Swear’. Soyu regrettably was not able to join them so Sistar took to the stage with only 3 members. While it would be a lie to say that she wasn’t missed, especially with such great vocals, they still performed admirably! Thankfully the remaining members had such stage presence and charisma that they still dominated the stage. These three songs stole the hearts of their fans which meant that the fanmeet was off to a great start. Sistar then introduced themselves individually (like as if we didn’t already know them) and shared with fans how happy they were back in Singapore after their Sketchers event on 1 July 2015. They were thrilled to be back to spend more time with their fans.


After which, Monsta X came onto stage and blew fans off their feet with their debut single, ‘Trespass’ and a ballad, ‘Perfect Girl’. Monster X introduced themselves individuals, eliciting some of the loudest screams and cheers we’ve ever heard. Monster X happily told the audience that they were excited to be here as it was their first time in Singapore and were looking forward to meeting their Singaporean fans! The best moment had to be when Jooheon was introducing himself, and he mentioned that he loved the fans here for their ever-lasting excitement in them and for the amount love Monsta X was receiving from them. The group then exited the stage to prepare for their next stage.

Monsta X2

Right on cue, Sistar came back onto stage to perform another fan favourite, ‘Crying’. Three lucky fans were then chosen to play a game and interact with Sistar. Each fan paired up with a Sistar member and every pair had their backs face each other to play a telepathy game! They were given two choices and had to draw out their answers. If they matched, they got themselves a point! After three rounds, third place went to Bora, second to Hyolyn and first to Dasom. The lucky fan who came in first with Dasom even got herself a selfie with Sistar!

After the fun and interactive game, Sistar performed two songs which can only be described as Sistar classics,  ‘Ma Boy’ and ‘Touch my Body’. They left fans singing along and cheering for them till the last second they were on stage.


With welcoming cheers and screams, Monsta X came back onto stage once again and performed the title track of their second mini album, ‘Rush’. Though still relatively new to the KPOP scene, Monsta X definitely knew how to milk the crowd’s reaction, giving them heaps of fan service. It was indeed a pleasant surprise for fans when the members of Monsta X started to come down the stage to be even closer with their fans. One of the cutest moments of the night had to be when after this upbeat song, Kihyun  handed tissues out to his fellow members! Monster X then got fans to guess their next song by giving them a clue: roses. Taking a cue from Justin Bieber’s One Less Lonely Girl performances, one fan was going to be in for the night of her life! Monster X sang ‘Honestly’ while each of them handed roses to a lucky fan who sat on a highchair on stage. After the performance, this lucky fan even got to take a picture with Monsta X. If that’s not great fanservice, I have no idea how to satisfy you!

Monsta X3

The fanmeet was then concluded with a hi-touch session with Monsta X and a picture opportunity with Sistar for category one holders which genuinely left fans in tears of joy when they left the expo hall. For us as fans of KPOP, it was great seeing the label-mates of Starship Entertainment come together and sharing the same stage. Hopefully we will be able to see both Sistar and Monsta X’s comebacks soon too!

Monsta X 1

Sistar and Monsta X Fan Meeting in Singapore 2015 was organised by Three Angles Production, special thanks to the organisers for the media invitation and we can’t wait to see who else they’ll be bringing in!


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