Where Theater meets Figure Skating: Imperial Ice Stars Sleeping Beauty on Ice Review

by Editorial Team
September 26, 2015 by Editorial Team

Where Theater meets Figure Skating: Imperial Ice Stars Sleeping Beauty on Ice Review

Fairytales are gateways to another dimension, and for as long as men continue to interpret them masterfully, the magic of the stories will never fade away. In Tony Mercer’s Sleeping Beauty on Ice, the audience is treated to a sojourn in a different world and taken on an exhilarating journey like never before.

The show opens, revealing Carabosse in a blood red cape mixing potions. A full moon overshadows the stage, and eerie music accompanies. By all accounts, performing on ice should have been an impediment but Mercer turns the almost frictionless stage into the strength of the show. As Carabosse’s minions join him, they break into an expressive manoeuvre, sending chills through the theatre. Elegant glides across, complemented by mesmerising two foot spins and waltz jumps, won the hearts of the audience from the start. Even as the show developed, the complexity of the movements increased as other characters, and the corps de ballet, expertly executed camel spins and butterfly jumps.

Imperial Ice Stars Sleeping Beauty on Ice SG 03

Yet, as the performers dazzled the audience with their enchanting moves, it was the astute choice of costumes that truly produced the spectacle the show was. The five fairies donned daring and vibrant colours which lit up the stage, whilst the royal couple’s golden robes charmed the audience with their glamour. In scenes where they performed together, the audience had the privilege to watch a magnificent criss-cross of colours that was almost surreal and out of the world. If the audience craved beauty, the show had surely produced it.

Another important element that contributed to the endearing performance was the choreography. Dance moves may charm, but only through adept use of the stage can a story can be told and audiences convinced. Mercer adroitly utilizes the space given to him, with careful positioning of performers to enhance the liveliness of the performance.

Imperial Ice Stars Sleeping Beauty on Ice SG04

In one of the final scenes, Prince Desire and Carabosse spar amongst many other smaller fights. On one hand, the clever use of costumes has allowed both to stand out, while on the other hand, the gradual reduction of minor characters to the back of the stage created a connectable space where the audience could immerse in the main battle.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the show was that not a single word was uttered. That the nerdy Catalabutte and the fairy Lilac were so greatly loved by the audience and so prominent characterized without dialogue, reflects a masterful piece where other elements carried the story forth. There are nights in the theatre when words do not hold rein. And, in Sleeping Beauty on Ice, music and dance combine elegantly. Art has been created and theatre ultimately triumphs. 

Imperial Ice Stars Sleeping Beauty on Ice SG 02

Show runs till Sunday, 27 Sept, so hurry and get your tickets now! Tickets can be purchased here

Written by: Tan Yang Long

Photo & Review Opportunity: BASE Enterntainment Asia


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