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by Dominic Teo
September 11, 2015 by Dominic Teo

Support Local – FnBC

FnBC, is a local Singaporean company that embodies the new era of fashion and beauty. Their business model is unique as it is not just about bringing big and established fashion brands into the market but to help new, obscure and edgy fashion and beauty brands, to get a leg up and have a go in the fiercely competitive industry in the region. One of the more exciting brands that they carry is Earth Botanics and we had a little chat with Fiona Siew, the Executive Director of FnBC.

Fiona Siew FnBC

In Singapore, beauty products are aplently, especially with the recent Korean craze, the number of make-up, cosmetic and beauty product labels are beyond count. Earth Botanics is definitely different from the other ubiquitous beauty brands simply because it’s organic. Fiona explains, “Earths Botanics is a range of bath and body products from New Zealand. It’s original owner is Danvers Devereus and has an interest in growing and harvesting his own ingredients.Therefore, with the creation of Earths Botanics, all the ingredients are grown either in his own 10-acre property or on surrounding land.” When I say ‘organic’ and ‘natural,’ I really mean 100% natural. “Some of the ingredients include Lavender, Mint, Citrus and Manuka honey from the bees that feed on Manuka Trees grown in Great Barrier Island. Even the Oils used are distilled from their own manuka, macadamia and olive trees. Overall, the ingredients are generally edible.” On the strength of its products and processes, Earth Botanics is definitely something worth trying out!


FnBC as a local distributor of beauty products stands out to me from the start as it aims “to be the biggest alternative fashion & beauty distributor.” “Alternative” is an interesting approach because it means taking a chance on risks, on brands that are not a sure thing so why exactly would they place their bets on relative unknowns. According to Fiona, “When we first started the company, we were fortunate to work with quirky brands like Irregular Choice and Poetic Licence, both from UK. Both brands have unique brand stories that did not follow trends.” After that, it became a matter of why bother swimming in the mainstream. “We began to set ourselves apart from our peers. Soon, we were sought after by other alternative, young and unique brands – all with different brand stories to tell.” Each of these brands have stories, stories about how they came about, how each product was made and these stories are genuinely interesting because they’re real. The products are made with sincerity, not for the sole purpose of profit but because there is a real belief that they can help.

While it’s clear that beauty products have exploded in popularity in recent years, Fiona believes that it’s not an indication that people are becoming vain but rather, “it is human nature to want to be the best that we can be… but perhaps we are more aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves.” For herself personally, these are the absolute essential beauty products. They include “Earth Botanics Tangerine and Ginger Hand body lotion and shower gel. “Due to the sensitive nature of my skin, I do not use perfume. Thus, I do what I call layering of scent. I use Earths Botanics Tangerine and Ginger shower gel in the morning, then I will apply the lotion. The refreshing and citrus scent will last throughout the day.” Another absolute essential is “Great Barrier Island Bee Co SPF 30 Lip Balm – We often forget our lips require suncare too. I love the Great Barrier Island Bee Co. lip balm as it is made with manuka honey which is very nourishing and it has SPF 30 to block out the harmful UVA and UVB rays.” Last but not least, “a pop of color in the form of a lip stick – I think lip colour completes the look.”

FnBC certainly has a bright and exciting future. Much as fans await the latest film from their favourite director, we sit in anticipation for other quirky and unique brands that they’ll be carrying. What’s even more interesting though is that “we will be developing our own brand and that is something I am really looking forward to.” But in the end, their baseline remains the same, “we will continue to listen and observe trends and customer behaviours so that we can give them what they want tomorrow, today.”

Find out more about FnBC here! Thanks to Fiona for answering these tiresome questions and Angeline for facilitating!


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