Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Review

by Dominic Teo
November 9, 2015 by Dominic Teo

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Review

Whatever you think of her music, she is undoubtedly one of the few pop stars left on planet Earth in this day and age. What other musician has the power (in a single letter) to ‘persuade’ Apple Music to pay their artists even during the 3 month free trial period and in July 2015 album sales 1989 hit 5 million which is akin to finding gold at the end of the rainbow in today’s context (with streaming and piracy abound). To add to the legend that surrounds Tay-Tay is of course the fact that the world is interested in who exactly she’s dating (Calvin Harris has that privilege for now). However, all of this does not take away the fact that she produces some pretty incredible music from her country originals, Teardrops On My Guitar to modern pop classics such as Blank Space and Wildest Dreams. Starting her tour in Japan, she has since toured the United States, Europe, Canada. We are incredibly lucky that she chose Singapore as her only stop in Southeast Asia and for 2 days no less.

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One of the best parts about the concert was the fact that it started relatively punctual a completely rarity for a superstar and pretty much every concert we’ve been to. From the moment the concert started, the tone had been set, this is going to be one of those pop extravaganza concerts not seen since the likes of Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. Starting of spiritedly with Welcome to New York, an appropriate start for a concert designed you to transport you to a magical fairytale where Taylor is queen. Decidedly different from her previous tours, Fearless and Red, she was joined on stage by her longtime band and background singers but also a gang of very good lucking dancers.

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What made this concert worthwhile, besides obviously getting to see Taylor Swift who is just as beautiful on stage as in every picture or video we’ve ever seen her in, is listening to her sing remixes of her songs. Songs from her previous albums such as I Knew You Were Trouble were given an EDM remix (perhaps done so by her beau?) which fits in perfectly with her dancers and her own adorkable dancing that made the entire concert feel like a vignette of different music videos. While the entire stadium loved the songs that she sang, which were mostly from the 1989 album, the crowd went absolutely crazy with Love Story and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!

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While we (along with everyone in the stadium) completely loved every single moment of it and pop Taylor was glorious but we also kind of missed country Taylor with her guitar though she did make a short appearance with Clean. One of the most incredible things though was the movable stage that not only rose pretty high up in the crowd but also did a full 360 degrees around, a sight for every single person to enjoy. Taylor Swift definitely knows how to reward her fans, throughout the concert were videos interspersed with her friends (Lena Durham, HAIM, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Jamie King , Selena Gomez and of course Abigail) telling us more about the Taylor that they know. We also got to see her 2 incredibly cute cats which left the entire stadium dying from the cuteness of the whole situation.

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1989 represents Taylor Swift’s foray into the world of Pop, a world in which everyone told her not to enter, to stick to what she’s good at – Country. The success of the album and now with the world tour is her response, she’s not going to be listening to all the haters and detractors, the nameless and faceless few who do not care about her in the least. Behind the fancy sets, dance moves and impeccable performances is this message.


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