panic 820x331 - Lyrical and Video Genius: Emperor’s New Clothes

Lyrical and Video Genius: Emperor’s New Clothes

Today, we discuss something that we hold dear to our hearts: Panic! At the Disco and one of the songs that reached massive airplays and critical success. This song hails from the 2015 album of this band. The song that we’re referring to is Emperor’s New Clothes.


In other forms of media, Emperor’s New Clothes is of course, based of the children’s story about an emperor who was so used to sycophants who always told him exactly what he wanted to hear. The emperor was swindled by a couple of clothes makers who said that their material was so sheer that only truly discerning people would be able to appreciate it.

Of course, the emperor believing that he was one such person, lapped up everything almost too willingly. While the courtiers couldn’t see anything, they never told their ruler anything lest they suffer his displeasure. During a parade where the emperor was showing off his new “clothes”, a child had commented that the emperor was in fact, naked.

panic2 - Lyrical and Video Genius: Emperor’s New Clothes

The Song

The song Emperor’s New Clothes has a rather aggressive tone to it. The line “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” is very indicative of the arrogance of the Emperor who finds himself at the top of the world. No one was ever allowed to tell him otherwise. The lines “It if feels good, tastes good—it must be mine” was pretty much at the heart of the tale.

Regardless of the dangers or whether he was being played a fool, the emperor needed to have everything that he considered to be the best or something that he perceived other people would want for themselves.

The Video

If you’re a highly religious person, you may want to avoid seeing this video. That said, we think you’re missing out. The video compliments that aggressive tone of the song and is very much what you would expect for someone who truly believes the lines that he says to be truth.

The video follows the band’s other song: This is Gospel. It is a great retrospective view of mortality and the virtues that you carry with you into the afterlife.

In Retrospect

Music will always be a great tool in which artists can express themselves and add a bit more culture into the world. People will always have their own feelings and interpretations about music and that’s one of the things that make it integral to our growth as a culture and as a species. This song is a great way to start conversations and ask what their interpretation of both the song and the music video is.

Have you seen or listened to Emperor’s New Clothes? What do you think of it?