Burgers & Beer at Timbre, this Sunday and every Sunday!

by Audrey Kwok
November 2, 2015 by Audrey Kwok

Burgers & Beer at Timbre, this Sunday and every Sunday!

Juicy, meaty burgers practically oozing with sauce, artisan beer, a Sunday afternoon, a cool breeze in your hair at Timbre’s alfresco dining area and a couple of great friends. Honestly, few things could be better.

Now open all 7 days of the week, Timbre @ Gillman boasts a glorious new Sunday Burgers and Beer menu comprising eight mouthwatering pairings of craft beer with Timbre’s in-house original burgers.

The menu, lovingly put together by the chefs at Timbre, seeks to pair a burger and a craft beer seamlessly. With seven meat burgers including chicken, lamb, pork and unagi burgers, as well as one vegetarian burger, the customer is spoilt for choice. I spent a good ten minutes just deciding between the beef burger (The Beefcake) and lamb (Mary Had A Humongous Lamb).

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Don’t worry if you’re not a beer person– you could simply get the burger itself ($16++) and choose from other drinks on the menu.

Also on the menu are special Halloween dishes – the Arachnopizzeria, a saucy tomato pomodoro based pizza topped off with orange cheddar, beef pepperonis, aioli and olives, as well as Halloween tiki cocktail Bloody Hell.

We had the Pulled Pork Burger with Hobgoblin craft beer, Mary had a Humongous Lamb, and Bloody Hell.

Generally, Timbre’s burgers are served in rather large portions. The salad on the side is nothing exciting, but their fries were pretty good. Thinly sliced and nicely fried, they weren’t too salty and had a satisfying crunch.

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Pulled Pork Burger: With lettuce, tomatoes, caramelised onions and drenched in a tangy, homemade BBQ sauce.

The Pulled Pork burger is a safe and extremely satisfying choice, and I can’t see anyone not liking this. I especially loved the BBQ sauce, which managed to be tangy, sweet and savoury all at once. The pork was nicely done, and the proportion of meat and gravy to burger was just right.

The next time I come back to Timbre, I’d probably order this without hesitation.

However, this is definitely a messy burger – the pulled pork is squeezed out from the brioche buns when you try and cut it, but this is not surprising since pulled pork isn’t a patty and can’t exactly hold its shape. The end result was a deconstructed burger, but honestly, who cares what a burger looks like if it tastes good?

On the Burger & Beers menu, this burger came with Hobgoblin craft beer, which was smooth and went down nicely with the pulled pork. It was a sweet combination and won us over completely.

Image 3

Mary Had a Humongous Lamb: A broiled spicy, honey-glazed lamb patty with mint tzatiki, beetroot, lettuce, melted cheese and dijon mustard.

If you’re out on a date and you don’t want to embarrass yourself tackling a messy burger, this is a good one for you. The lamb patty held its shape when I cut through, and I could manage with my mediocre fork and knife skills. It was a bit of a mouthful, but then again, all great burgers are.

The lamb was cooked perfectly – with a light char, but still juicy inside. I swear, some fireworks went off in my stomach when I cut through the meat and it simply oozed. Glorious, glorious lamb! The beetroot and dijon mustard was a great touch as their sweetness and sourness cut through the taste of the meat and prevented the burger from getting too gelat.

However, I would have appreciated if the mint tzatiki was lathered on a lot ordermore generously as the flavour didn’t come through at all. I also couldn’t understand why the lamb patty was described as “spicy” as it wasn’t spicy in any sense (i.e., neither chilli-hot nor flavoured with spices).

All in all, however, it was a pretty refreshing take and I didn’t regret trying this instead of the beef burgers. It’s not every day you see a lamb burger and I think Timbre did it well.

On the Burgers and Beer menu, this lamb burger is accompanied by a ginger beer, which I was really excited to taste. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available when I was there, so I got myself the Halloween drink Bloody Hell instead.

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Bloody Hell: An experimental Mai Tai mix of rivaling Bacardi and Havana rums, complemented with strawberry and pineapple

We liked the quirky presentation – the eyeball (actually lychee and a blueberry), the syringe, and the classic Halloween red of the cocktail. This festive drink was silky and fruity, and frankly quite delightful to sip.

We had this in the afternoon, and we couldn’t help thinking that it would be great to have had it in the evening, alongside live band music that is the hallmark of the Timbre brand.


The Verdict

The Pulled Pork burger and Hobgoblin combination convinced us that the chefs obviously knew what they were doing when they were pairing their burgers and beer. Good stuff! We’ll be back for more of that pulled pork.

Right now, Timbre @ Gillman is pretty quiet since they’ve just started operating on Sundays. The chill vibe is a definite draw. The alfresco dining area is peaceful, breezy and overlooks an open area for kids to play in. The kids’ area has a bouncy castle, an inflatable pool, a mini house and other toys. It’s great for families with little kids, or as a place to hang out with friends, or if you just love food.

It’s probably a good idea to drop by before it gets too crowded, as good chill-out spots in Singapore inevitably do.

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Timbre @ Gillman

9A Lock Road Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108926

Tel: (65) 6694 4201

Nearest MRT: Labrador Park (Circle Line)

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 4pm – 11pm

Friday: 6pm – 1am

Saturday: 4pm – 12am

Sunday: 12pm – 9pm

For more info on Timbre, visit their profile page here

Photo Creds: Audrey Kwok for @WhatsNextSG


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