Top 5 at Zouk Singapore for May!

by Dominic Teo
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April 26, 2015 by Dominic Teo

Top 5 at Zouk Singapore for May!

Everyone’s favourite night club, Zouk Singapore has an exciting month of May planned for you every weekend! We break it down for you and select the top 5 nights at Zouk for the month of May! This will be the first monthly feature that will soon become a regular feature. On the last weekend of every month, we will be publishing our Top 5 nights at Zouk for the upcoming month! Our love for the best club in Singapore is interminable and we simply have to share it with you guys!




1) May 1st (Friday) is the Friday that is coming up and is the perfect date to mark on your calendar especially if you’re like me and can’t wait for April to be over. That Friday will be a spectacular one with two great things happening simultaneously. At Zouk itself, Futuristic Polar Bears (if that is not the coolest name ever, I don’t know what is!) will be spinning some of its massive hits that have made them so famous including a personal favourite Back To EarthLike many of your favourite DJs, their Global Radio Show (so aptly named) reaches out to over a million viewers on a weekly basis in more than 42 countries! They are definitely an underrated group that deserves and demands to be heard, just for the eargasm that they promise. Happening at the same time over at the Wine Bar is ATTAGIRL!the perfect girls night out! Regular female DJs, A/K/A, Durio and Jaydah are stalwarts of ATTAGIRL!, an initiative to promote female talent in electronic music and to celebrate the beauty of women. ATTAGIRL! will be a completely about women with women taking over the consoles for the night with a diverse array of music being played. It is perfect for a girls night out or if you’re simply sick of seeing anymore men, there is nothing more perfect than this on a Friday night!




ATTAGIRL! taking over the console for an incredible night celebrate everything women!
Credits: ATTAGIRL! Facebook page

2) May 8 (Friday) is an interesting concept. Bulletproof at Phuture is a celebration of our local individualism and originality, something that is in no short supply. This month’s 100% BULLETPROOF with Ghetto and Rough promises to be a little more special as they will be joined by our very own Shigga Shay. Shigga Shay is one of the few local hip hop artist who has enjoyed both commercial and critical success. He is famous for his hilarious music videos which sometimes overshadows the fact that the rap lines he spits out are incredibly witty and smart. Two of his music videos, LimPeh and Lion City Kia went viral after its release and is definitely worth checking out!

2) May 9th (Saturday) is a definite can’t miss event and is testament to the power of Zouk Singapore. Over at The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay will be I Am Hardwell ‘United We Are‘ in what promises to be a night that you’ll never forget or perhaps never remember. Hardwell is undeniably one of the biggest names in the EDM scene where the Dutchman has taken the world by storm. He has emerged as the number one ranked DJ in both 2013 and 2014 in the definitive poll – DJ Magazine’s annual Top 100 DJs. His podcast Hardwell on Air has been a revelation since the first podcast came out in 2011 where he continuously creates masterpieces. His biggest hit thus far has been Spaceman and everyone, I don’t care if you’ve never been to a club before, has definitely heard the unmistakable beat that drives you wild! There is no real need to advertise for Hardwell, simply his name alone is enough of a draw. While Early Bird tickets sold out mere minutes after its launch, thankfully Advance Tickets at $98 are still available here! There’s absolutely no time to waste, this is not simply Zouk’s biggest draw for the month of May but the best thing to hit our shores thus far in 2015!




3) May 23 (Saturday) Zouk will be the place to be as Dirty South, the world renowned DJ as well as 2 time Grammy nominated producer will be spinning. First off I have to declare that City of Dreams, a song recorded by Dirty South and Alesso, to be my absolute favourite song. There’s nothing that this amazing track can’t do, from transforming any sad day to at least a bearable one or serving as a great pumped up track, it is undeniably a track for the ages! This upcoming summer he will be headlining global festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, Tomorrowland and many more. These are all festivals that we all wished we had enough money to attend and are definite entries in our bucket list of things to do before we die and I cannot exclaim at how lucky we are that Dirty South will be stopping by Zouk. This year has been amazing for Dirty South and perhaps some of his success will spread onto you!

4) May 31 (Sunday) – thankfully the eve of a public holiday so no work on Monday!! May 31st will be the date for Mambo Jambo which is quite possibly the longest running party in Singapore’s nightlife history but most definitely the most crazy one with an unbelievable atmosphere and vibe. It is an absolute can’t miss party especially for virgin partygoers the recent 18 year olds who have finally joined the ranks of being able to drink legally. There is no better description than the one provided by Zouk, “ Mambo Jambo revelry parades an extraordinary flamboyance with  classic anthems on the playlist, and an enthusiastic crowd dancing in perfect synchrony. We  celebrate the past and present of the party series, enjoy beautiful memories and anticipate the new  ones to be made! And while at it, we also invite the old friends back to make merry with us on this  joyous occasion, while celebrating the many years of Zouk as a mecca of dance and an institution of  music.” We’ll see you there then!!



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